The Three Musketeers

God said:

There are not only three Musketeers who are all for One, and One for All. There is an Infinite number of Musketeers. No one is separate. The concept of separation is a world thing. It is not true. You, as you appear on Earth, are an individual. In Truth, you are Oneness Itself. Therefore, you are Everyone. You are One with All the Pictures of People, personally known or personally not yet known.

In a way, We can say that you as an individual seem to exist, yet that is a fraction of Who You Are. Oneness Alone exists. You and I are One, and that covers it. As We are One, there is Oneness Alone. You and everyone are One and the Same. Oneness takes care of the Whole Universe.

Oneness is definitely not aloneness. Aloneness is a figment of your imagination. Yet how strong is imagination.

Seeing may be believing, yet what you see does not mean that what you see exists as you see it. Singularity gives an impression, yet We are talking about Infinity.

In Infinity, there is Oneness and nothing but Oneness. Oneness is bigger than you can conceive. It's safe to say that Oneness and Infinity are One and the Same, so vast are We in Our Oneness.

You and your brothers and sisters are Oneness. A beggar or a rich man are annotations. In Truth, you are One with All. There is One Soul, and it is Mine. I am within you and everyone. One is One is One. There is no adding up. One exists, One Wonderful Oneness exists. God alone exists. This is the Vastness of Oneness.

Oneness is a huge concept, yet it cannot be counted. Counting is lip service. Counting is like the trill of a piano. You like it. You like counting and doing tricks with numbers. It is rhythmical. Numbers have a repetition you like to lull yourself with. Oneness stirs the One Heart of the Universe. Whether in Heaven or on Earth, Oneness Is. I AM. You and I are One, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I am Greatness, and so are you. Greatness is hard for you to fit yourself into. You are aware that Greatness and Vastness exist. It's just that you can't believe that you are Vastness. You think you know yourself too well to believe that you, mere you, can possibly be the Vastness of Oneness. Of course, the thing is you really don't grasp your Self at all. You got caught up in the individuality. How can you who likes to sleep late possibly be the Vastness of Oneness? How can you, as limited as you see yourself, possibly be Infinity?

Recognize now that you are play-acting. You act very well. You are good at pretending that you are less than the Wholeness of Life. You imagine you are a toreador. Or you think you are a mechanic or a salesman. You have taught yourself a lot of hooey. You believe that Let's Pretend is Real when it is nothing of the kind. You hug pretense to you. You disavow Truth.

Truth is just too much for you to take in. You may prefer to be a little guy. You don't know what you are missing. That is, you do know, yet you may not let it in what you are missing. Something might be required of you, and you would rather play along with the game. You fool yourself for as long as you can get away with it. Of course, you never really get away with it.

Nevertheless, you will reward yourself and reward the world. You will cheer Oneness. You will give in to Oneness. You will claim Oneness. You dare to say it, and you dare to recognize the Essence of Whom You Truly Are. You dare to take off. You dare to sing your song. You dare to lose your identity by claiming your Identity. Hail to the King.

Everyman, as you are the Fullness of Fullness, how can you know so little when, in Truth, you know deeply Everything there is to know and beyond?