Discover Life

God said:

Enduring is not patience.

Remove the idea of enduring.

Enduring means to make time long.

True patience knows no time. It knows joy.

True patience is being alive and ready for this moment, this nowness, of life. True patience knows not patience nor impatience.

The concept of waiting for something is no longer valid for you. Waiting is standing still while you bide your time for the past or present to catch up to a concept in your mind.

No longer do you bide time. Since time does not exist, you bide life when you bide time, and that is the same as casting it aside. No longer do you bide.

Biding, waiting, are standing idle, perhaps with a foot poised in midair.

When you pick up a broom to sweep, you do not hold it in midair nor do you hold it to the ground. You move it from midair to earth to midair, and the motion is repeated. Holding the broom is not sweeping. It is holding the broom.

While you can hold a broom, you cannot hold life.

And what would you hold it for? For an eventuality?

Life is not the choosing of a dance partner, that you pick and choose and pass by many possibilities until you find only the one you want. Life is dancing with whom and what comes next. You dance the steps the music plays with what is current and without objection, and that is how you get to what you want.

When you object to life as it arrives, you are putting too much credence on the perceived events. We know how your perception is not reliable, so use My perception which welcomes all.

Be like a bank teller who accepts the next in line. The bank teller is not the controller of the line. He is the teller.

When something spills, you clean it up. You do not interpret the origin of the spill, and you do not analyze the cleaning up of it. You clean it up. You do not bemoan it.

When your shoe needs to be tied, you bend down to tie it. You do not bemoan it.

When you are hungry, you eat. You do not bemoan it.

When you are thirsty, you drink. You do not bemoan it.

Better not to be too fussy about what is offered you. You may evade a certain food or drink, but in so doing you may also go without.

Waiting is hedging your bets.

Meet life squarely, and take care of it.

Life is not for you to whisk around.

You do not sweep life under the carpet.

Your sweep of life is from Moon to Star, and the events of life on earth are not of enormous consequence.

Life is not a ferocious tiger you are grappling with. It is only life, this series of one step after another.

Life is a laden banquet table that you are served from. Accept what you are served and move on to the next course.

Do not debate life.

Do not weigh it so much.

When it snows, it snows.

When it rains, it rains.

When the sun shines, the sun shines.

Can you not love it all?

Can you not love My creation in all its shapes and sizes?

That does not mean that you have to stay where you are and that you cannot move on in life. It means you can move on in life. And that is what you must do.

Usher life to your side.

Do not make too big a thing of it.

Everyone on earth has it.

It is not a big thing.

It is not momentous.

It seems momentous because you believe in time.

Believe in adventure instead.

Believe in Me.

Believe in yourself.

Discover life, for you requested it, and I have given it to you.