Freedom of Heart

God said:

The mind that thinks so much doesn't think at all. It doesn't think: "To what avail is all the cogitating I do?" The mind keeps on the same without regard to what is going on around it. It takes note, but keeps bulldozing through regardless of the situation. Thus, you have mindset. Your mind got programmed, and it is hard for it to stop.

Discover Life

God said:

Enduring is not patience.

Remove the idea of enduring.

Enduring means to make time long.

True patience knows no time. It knows joy.

True patience is being alive and ready for this moment, this nowness, of life. True patience knows not patience nor impatience.

The concept of waiting for something is no longer valid for you. Waiting is standing still while you bide your time for the past or present to catch up to a concept in your mind.

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