The Unforeseen Journey, Part I

God said:

Everything has its evolution. You do too.

You evolve.

You are not static.

You are alive.

You are viable.

Life teaches.

You learn.

Do not regret learning in life.

Rejoice instead.

Rejoice, and move on.

You move forward in life.

No matter what twists and turns your life takes, you are moving forward.

That is not effort, to move forward.

Effort is in not.

Effort is in holding on, not in letting go.

Encourage moving forward in your life.

Encourage the stars to shine, your eyes to lift, and your heart to bloom.

Change is the name of the game on earth.

Change means growth.

It does not mean reversal.

However slippy-slidey life make seem, skate on it.

Do not put on the brakes.

You are an evolving Human, so evolve.

Welcome your evolution.

You are not evolving alone.

All evolve with you, and I am your Champion.

Acknowledge the possibility that you grow, and that others grow.

The world turns.

And your heart flip-flops.

Keep up with your heart.

Perform somersaults.

Welcome change.

Welcome the movement of life.

That is what life is for.

It is not for staying still.

It is for moving.

It may seem that it moves back but it moves forth.

It can only move forth.

Move forth in life, for that was your invitation, and that was your acceptance.

Instead of spending time wondering, "What on earth am I doing here?", keep going.

Be not poised for the next event.

Do not get ready.

Be alive and meet it.

Answer the knock at your door.

Say, "Come in."

Say, "Life, arrive. Come to me."

Say, "Life, take me for a spin."

Say, "Life, let's go."

Say, "Life, wait for me. No, don't wait. I don't need my coat. I'm ready."

Say, "Life, I have been waiting for you when all the while you were warming up the motor. I kept waiting for you, but I passed you by. I turned around and went back into the house and puttered around. Now, I go with you. We go around the bends. We go along the flat. We go uphill, downhill. We go past the block. We take roads that we think take us where we want to go. We take roads for the fun of it that won't take us where we want to go. Life, half the time I don't even know where I want to go. Deep down I know that all roads, no matter how lit, take us on unforeseen journeys. Meanwhile, I will enjoy the ride.

"Life, today I venture out.

"I put my nose outside the door.

"I walk out the door.

"I run to meet you.

"I run to meet my destiny of love."

My beloved children, no longer do you try to keep life the same, for is that not what you have been doing?

You do not keep life different either.

You go with life.

You walk with it.

You ride with it.

You are here on earth for life, not for something else. Not for later, and not for yesterday. You are not here for interpretation. You are here to live life, your life, not someone else's.

Pick up right now and get going.

Go out in life as if you know where you are going!

The fact is that you do know.

You always knew, but dared not believe it.

Where are you going?

You are coming to Me.

You are racing to Me.

Take the low road or the high road, and you come to Me. Hop from one road to another, and still you come to Me.

There is no avoiding it.

I am your Destiny.

We are destined, you and I.

We made a contract to meet.

The contract is inviolable.

Only the date was not set.

Write in the date now.

It is your choice.

I will help you make it.

And I will help you achieve it.

Do you have something better to do than to come to Me?

Then do it, and still you will come to Me.

Do not put Me off.

You make yourself wait.

Do not fear Our meeting.

It is what We have wanted.

Choose happiness, My dear children.

In that choice, you will meet with Me.

We will meet anon, or We will meet today.

The fact is, We have met.

You have known Me all along.

And I know equally your longing, for it is the same as Mine for you.