Deep within You

God said:

My power lies in My very physical invisibility. If I had form that you could see with your eyes, you would attach to My form and blind yourself. You would have sight of Me yet lose My vision. You would love Me so much in My form that you would append yourself to it and separate Us even more than you already do. If I had form, it would be irrelevant just as yours is, but you would, nevertheless, attach great importance to it as you do to your own.

Had I a form, you would see Me moving from one place to another, and thus you would lose sight of Me. It is My universality that keeps Me formless. A mere form could not be everywhere always. In a form, I would appear limited, and I can never be that.

You may desire to see Me in a physical form, but even you know that a picture of Me cannot portray Me. It is better that your Creator be unseen so I can be seen as I am without boundaries.

You attach so much importance to a bodily form. You wish you could see Me physically, but had I a physical form, you would not see Me. You would see My physical form. And you would attach to My form and be dazzled with My form. Be dazzled with My love.

My love is unlimited. My love within you that you emanate has naught to do with your physical form. True, My love is contained within you at the same time as it cannot be contained.

Had I a physical form, then My love would be bottled, and, well, it cannot. You cannot bottle it, although that is what you often try to do. You want My love bottled in another Human form. You want concrete evidence of it. You want it locked in place. But My love cannot be locked. It can only be opened.

I, as formless, am vast.

And you, formed as My child, extend beyond the boundaries of your Human form. Of course you do. That is how you reach Me even though I reach you wherever your bodily form is placed. Even without your awareness, I reach you. But now you reach Me. Your awareness expands beyond your arm's length. You see beyond your fingers. You see beyond where they point. You see beyond even your imagination and begin to see Reality. You cannot touch Reality, but you can know it in the expansion of your awareness.

What is awareness but knowing?

As a child, you learned things by touch. When a baby touches the physical, what it touches enters his mind, and then the baby has awareness. Then, in the future, when he sees a ball, he doesn't have to touch it to know what it is. He is aware of its configuration, and this awareness conjures the ball for him. In time, the ball does not even have to be in his immediate presence for it to be there in his awareness.

I, Who cannot be physically touched, am always in your presence. I am deep in your awareness. I am embedded there. We started out together, and, in truth, you never forget Me the same way I never forget you. Only your awareness of Me has to be reawakened, and for that, you have your heart which touches Me greatly. As it touches Me, you are touched. Something happens between Us. It is your awareness that happens.

Culture it. Exercise it by swimming in it. Jump in. Jump in to your awareness of Me. Jump into your heart of awareness. Dare to swim to the depths of the ocean of awareness within you. Within you.

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I realize the main topic

I realize the main topic here is the wish to see God in the physical thus making Him an individual entity which of course is not possible as God is truly ALL THAT IS and in being ALL THAT IS it is impossible for God to be a single entity.

Or is it?

There is a song written by Joan Osbourne titled "If God Was One of Us".

The first few sections of the song goes as follows:

If God had a name what would it be?
And would you call it to His face
If you were faced with Him
In all His glory
What would you ask if you had just one question

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make His way home

If God had a face what would it look like?
And would you want to see
If seeing meant that you would have to believe
In things like Heaven, and in Jesus, and the saints and all the prophets.

I vividly remember the first time I heard this song, I was agast at God being compared to a SLOB like one of us! :?

Then my higher-self kicked in and told my ego to go sit down as I really wasn't miffed at God being called a slob but the idea that I WAS BEING EQUATED TO A SLOB LIKE EVERYONE! ;) Oh and yes, it's a daily chore keeping ego in check :Rolleyes:

After REALLY listening to the words the song enlightened me because what it is saying is so very true. GOD is ONE of us - actually HE IS ALL OF US!

Nowadays I chuckle to myself when people state that they want to SEE God. I say to them "Open your eyes"! I see the many faces of God everyday not just in the faces of those people I love and cherish but also in strangers who I haven't the blessing to get to know just yet! God's face doesn't stop there for me either as I see God's face in every animal, insect, bird, flower, tree, clouds, ocean, stars ect, ect.

Nope you won't ever see God's single face as He doesn't have a single face which is truly why God is ALL THAT IS!

By the way Father I thank you for enlightening me in this way of "looking" at you.
I've stopped looking for your face and enjoy the many sights of You and I thank
You very much for all the blessing You bestow on me...I love you.

Colleen aka Cailen

Only your awareness of Me has to be reawakened..

Always one of my favorite Heavenletters this one here, I could never tire of reading it over and over.

Only your awareness of Me has to be reawakened, and for that, you have your heart which touches Me greatly. As it touches Me, you are touched. Something happens between Us. It is your awareness that happens.

much love

Amazing and breathtaking

Amazing and breathtaking !

thank you Father/Mother !

much much love