Emanating Beings

God said:

When you feel touched by Me, when you feel warmed, appreciated, noticed, accepted, you are feeling a sample of My love. You are feeling a tiny part of the love I feel for you. You think you are feeling the receipt of My love, but what you are really feeling is a portion of My joy in extending it. You are picking up on My inception of giving. You are not picking up your own sense of being loved. You are picking up on My sense of My love radiating. You are picking up My sense of love, My effulgent love itself within Me, stirred within Me.

This is a subtle distinction, because My joy in giving is not separate from your joy in receiving. It is like one motion. You, the receiver, are a giver as you receive. You feel generous, magnanimous even, when you feel a touch of My love, and that is because you are the generation of My love. I generate My love to you always, and sometimes you feel My love brush your cheek. I engender My love to you, and when you are aware of it, you feel engendered. You feel generous because you feel Our Oneness, Our Wonderness.

My same love stirs within you.

What more is there for Me to say?

What more is there for you to know?

The love I give to you, you forward to the universe. You can't do anything else. As you recognize the love you are receiving, it is already forwarded, because forwarding is part of the one motion of receiving. When you feel the receipt of My love, pause a moment, and you will also feel how it emanates from you. Spoken or unspoken, acted or unacted, it emanates from you. Love emanates. Love has its own vapor rising. You are a dispatcher of My love.

This is automatic. It is inevitable. This is not display of love. This is not cuddling or baby talk or noble sacrifice. You don't have to do anything with this love. It effulges itself. Be conscious of it, but don't make it yours. It is Mine. At the moment you are conscious of it, it has already flown to the universe. You do not need to be conscious of giving love. Be the love you give. That's what it means to feel a touch of My love. When you feel My love, you are innocent. My love and innocence cannot be separated anymore than you and I can be.

If you were locked up in a steel-encased sound-proof inviolate room, My love would still reach you. It would get through the steel, for My love even cuts through steel. My power is far more immense than that. But I am not here to talk of My power. I am here to talk of yours.

You in that airless impenetrable fortress are capable of receiving My love, and the barriers are also not barriers to you in the sharing of it. My love will emanate from you and go past the walls as if they were not there. That is the power of My love within you. There are no walls to it. There are no barriers. There are no limits. You and I are indomitable. Our love knows no restrictions.

Our love is the vast Sun. Our love is also the flower that grows in a rock. And Our love is you. There is nothing that Our love is not. There is nothing that Our love cannot be. And all you have to do is receive it. When you receive My love, you are unmasked. When you receive My love, you are an innocent receiver and an innocent giver because you are an emanating being of My love.