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Bright Light Came Into My Room

One evening after months of desperately praying & searching for answers, I would not give up!

If there really was a God, I thought certainly he will answer me.I didn't expect what would happen next,

A white light came into my room, it was a light so bright that I had to shield my eyes from it until my eyes adjusted to the brightness. The light filled me with a rapture of love, peace, joy, it was so intense and so beautiful. In the presence of this light, I had remembered being with it before, and I clearly saw that this light was "home". I knew that it had been my choice to come into this earth, the light was so beautiful and loving it would never do anything against my own free will not even put me on earth.

After the light experience, a series of miracles occurred to me. I had dreams of walking with Jesus and he transferred information to me (we did not talk, he just placed the information in my heart) I saw that when he was on earth he was exactly like all of us- a human being. He acquired the fullness of God within himself and he was here to teach us how to do the same. I saw that his truth is our truth and I finally understood that his entire mission in this life was to teach people that. That is what he meant when he washed the feet of his disciples. I never knew any of this before, this is certainly not what I was taught.

I have since dedicated myself to acquiring the fullness of God within myself. We are all spiritual beings that have come from a place of light & love. We have so much help from the other side. We are here to grow in truth and love. Sometime I see lights around peoples heads (just like I have seen in pictures of saints) And one evening while out to dinner with my husband a gentleman came up to me in a restaurant to tell me that he saw a beautiful light around my body - so other people see lights too!

My experiences have changed my relationship with God - and I have had so many other spiritual experiences. I know that these are meant to be shared, something that I have has a hard time doing because I have had such varying reaction. (anger, jealousy, etc etc) But the time has come for me to share with all of the people from Heavenletters, I have been reading these for several years. I am grateful for a forum that shares Gods love & light and If my experience inspires or helps others then I am grateful. Most importantly seek the light within yourself, spend quiet time with yourself and meditate on light & love. You are more than you can ever imagine! In beauty, light & love, Dana

Beloved Dana, Thank you for

Beloved Dana,

Thank you for sharing your heart of love with us all.

You certainly have had beautiful experiences.

One thing I understand, and I say this for the people who come here, and it is this:

We don't have to have experiences! We love it when we do, but they are not necessary. I don't want anyone to feel that they must have experiences. .

When I did a workshop in Romania, there were 125 people there. I asked if we needed to have experiences in order to Godwrite. They all nodded yes. But God says no. He says we do not have to have experiences.. God likes us just as we are. You are so right, Dana, when you say: Seek the light of God. Of course, He leads us to light and love.

The object of our being on Earth, as you say, dear Dana, is to gain the fullness of God within ourselves. Innocence is the key.

With or without experiences, we are growing toward God. And God is within all of us. And God is the path to God.

God bless you, Dana.

With love,


Thank you Gloria for your

Thank you Gloria for your beautiful response, I do appreciate it. You are so right about not needing any experience, I do not know why I have had many, I have asked many times why me and even please not me - but the best I can do is share them. Of course like you say everyone is important, we do not need to be anything but ourselves to please God. And we are all connected to the light and love, we just have to choose it!
Are you the Gloria that writes heavenletters? If you are thank you, thank you, thank you. Heavenletters has been in my life for serveral years and it is part of my daily connecting with God time.
Much love Gloria,

Yes, beloved Dana, I am

Yes, beloved Dana, I am Gloria who types up Heavenletters™. I loved it when God called me His little donkey who pulls a cart, delivering His messages! That puts me in my place! Of course, I am honored to be God's donkey! I am thrilled to pieces!

I have often asked myself the question: Did I choose God or did God choose me? Did God ask first, or did I? Did I have any choice? Did you?

When the urge came, and I wanted God and Godwriting™ more than anything, was it my desire or God;s? Or both? Whatever steps I took or didn't take, was this going to happen regardless? I am quite sure that no one in the world would have picked me out. No one could have predicted.

Now I see through Godwriting™ workshops that anyone can Godwrite™. Besides, God says so.

Dana, I had an experience with Christ as well. It's in The Story of Heavenletters™. You can find it on the right column. What I heard Christ say was:

"Gloria, I have been seeking you for a long time." I understood that to mean, not through thinking but just knowing: "The seeker and the Sought are the same."

And God says We are all One.

You make me think of so many things to say!

Please post your photo on your profile -- if you haven't, Dana. I would love your permission to post it and some of your beautiful words on the Reader Comment page etc. Is that all right with you?

Of course, I would love everyone to post and/or email the photos of themselves as human beings.

It's wonderful that you are sharing yourself -- your God Self here.

With love and blessings,


Dana Bell photo

Here is a photo of myself that you requested. I would be happy to post it on heavenletters, but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. ( I can e-mail just fine, but am not exactly computer savy in other area's!) Also you have my permission to post any words of mine that you would like.
Yes I have read your story years ago when I first came to heavenletters. I was very moved by it. I feel especially close to Jesus as well as Moses, they are who I call on often. It is so beautiful to me that there are millions of people that they help and sometimes even appear to. It moves me to tears at how much each one of us is loved.
Again Gloria thank you for heavenletters and for sharing your love with the world!

Dearest Dana, I don't know

Dearest Dana, I don't know how to post photos on the forum either!

Will you kindly email me your photo? I'll find someone who can post it for us.

You keep on as you are, you hear!

A thousand blessings and love,


Dearest Dana, thanks so much

Dearest Dana,

thanks so much for sharing this amazing experience and your beautiful journey ! there is not really much I could express in words, my heart knows what you are talking about, and I am happy that you are here now and would love you to share all that you feel to share. we are all God's children, One Love. we all come from the one ocean of love. sweetest waves of love to you dear.

Beautiful Berit

I feel blessed to hear from you and thank you for your message. Did you know that the meaning of your name is "exalted one", which means to lift up on high. How beautiful Berit. There is so much love & beauty & light & joy around us, we need to help each other to see that & we can change the world - literally bringing heaven to earth. What a wonderful time that we live in now Berit
Many blessings to you, keep sharing your love & light!
I send you waves of love to Italy my friend,

Dana Angel, I didn't know

Dana Angel,
I didn't know about the meaning ! so, at least at age 47 my names makes some sense !! :-))
I agree and join every word you said. we are in Heaven right now, where love is there abides God. I am still thrilled at the wonderful experience you had and shared, keep sharing pls. love you. sweetest hugs to you dear.


Dearest Berit,
We are very similar in age, I am 48! Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with the River of Love. "Seek & you shall find"
ageless, timeless, true wisdom, they are not just words! Once I was shown a silver cord that is attached to my head and connects to heaven. Much like a mothers child in the womb, the umbilical cord connect the two. We are all connected by this silver cord to heaven (or God or whatever your diety, true love no matter what one calls it!) this cord is unseen in our world but is very visible in the spirit world.
Berit, I was shown things & God was speaking to my heart after my light experience, it lasted about 3 months and this was over 16 years ago. I am just a regular girl, with a husband & family. It has taken me years to make sense of everything, you are right each soul has an agenda and it is all part of my scheduled journey. I am thrilled now that I am constantly re-discovering my soul & my relationhip with ALL. I also enjoy nature like you, I live on a beautiful country road that is out in nature and love to walk among the trees & ponds & streams and expand my spirit to feel apart of it ALL, Isn't nature beautiful. I can only imagine how beautiful your land is in Italy. I have a son who traveled there and he loved the land. He especailly loved Venice. Someday I am going to visit Italy!
I am working on updating my profile on heavenletters, I added my picture ( Gloria requested that I do so, and I finally figured it out!)
May your day be beautiful today Berit!
With Love,

Beloved Dana, thank you for

Beloved Dana, thank you for posting your photo and for letting me know! Now I found it! You look like someone who has had a beautiful time with God. I'd like to put your photo in Heaven News, the one after the one that will be coming out very soon. Will you kindly remind me where you live and all that? Love ya, Gloria

Dana Angel

Dearest Dana,

you are such a sweet Angel of God, I adore your picture !!!

Loving you always, have a blessed day ! and night ! and day ! .... :-))

Love is our only shared reality

"..after months of

"..after months of desperately praying & searching for answers, I would not give up!"

After indeed such a period, in which I prayed God for a physical contact. One second of just touching Him would have been ok for me. so, I prayed and prayed and cried and prayed and longed and prayed etc... without ceasing and with a longing and yearning that was overwhelming. God heard my prayer and he did send me one of the most amazing and beautiful forms to hug me and hold me ! He took the most amazing form I could dream of, a never ending river of love. ...
He hears all our prayers and He answers them all, at His timing, for He knows the agenda of our soul....

much much love

Berit, I don't know if your

Berit, I don't know if your email id is changed but are you still on Heavenletters forum?

This is from Dana, somehow I

This is from Dana, somehow I have received a question from Chetan asking if I am still on heavenletters forum-but beginning by asking Berit. This is confusing & I am not sure if this is directed to me.
But I will speak for myself; yes I am still on the heavenletters forum. I dont pop on too much but I read heavenletters daily! Have a wonderful day-Dana