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Miracles abound when I trust my own voice within, whose guidance is never faulty.

A challenging childhood had me wondering why I was here? One day at seven, I was walking to the beach, talking to God and asking this question: why is my life so filled with negativity? God said: "I know this is a difficult childhood but it will get better and your life time partner is here and you will meet him and he will be very funny." No more was said and then after finishing undergraduate school I went to a party at my brothers home and met beloved Scott. That was January 21st, 1978 and I knew right away that we would be united as One. Turns out he also had the same dream at seven, only his dream said I would be blonde (which I am). When I tune in and listen to my Inner Guidance I am always steered in the right direction. I have so many examples of this Truth.