Being in Your Truth

God said:

Let Us identify what it means to be in truth.

Let Us identify what it does not mean. It does not mean to tell someone that you don't like the way they dress or part their hair. It is not reforming the world nor expressing your thoughts or preferences at every moment as they occur to you. We are talking about YOUR truth, not what you think about whatever has been going on here and there.

When you are fully established in your truth, when you are fully in it, there will be no need to think about it or find out what it is. You will be there. When you are in that state of awareness called love, you are in your truth. You are not fully there yet. You are closer, but not all the way. Meanwhile, let's find out what brings out that love deep within you and that tells you more about yourself.

As a sovereign self, whirling about in the universe, it behooves you to know what is going on with you. It behooves you to know what is original with you, which thoughts are yours, which have been adopted, and where your heart innocently lies and where it does not, not as analysis, but as a sinking in.

Your truth could be to follow the common sentiments. It could be. But most likely not. Most likely you are a maverick who has not noticed yourself yet. What does your heart like of itself? What makes it happy? Perhaps not all the things you thought, because your heart right now feels errant from itself. Become acquainted with your heart and what it tells you.

We are talking about the inner truth you make yourself aware of. What kind of a creature are you? Who are you when ego is not at play, when conforming is not at play, when truth is the focus and not presentation? Not what is your role in life, not what is your place exactly, but where you are right now in your heart of hearts?

When you are in your truth, there is great calmness. In your truth, you make great peace with yourself. There is no effort when you are in your truth. When you are in your truth, there are no secrets. You do not hide yourself. You do not put a face to the world. You put yourself.

You do not run away from the world. You meet it.

Before you answer a question, you think a moment about what your answer really is. Your answer may not be what it always was. You may have no answer. You may have only question.

No matter how far away from your inner truth you may have been, swing around to it now.

This is not a revolt. This is not abandoning anything and striking out. It is simply noting yourself and going on from there. It is simply picking yourself up now. And, as much as you are able, reflecting light, with thought only of noting where your heart is right now and giving it its due.

This doesn't mean to never do what you don't like, but it does mean not to get in the habit of it. It means not to go so much by protocol, or at least to know when you are.

When you take a bath, for example, take it not because you must, not because it is expected of you, but take it for the pure joy of water, for the pure joy of a few moments splashing about, being you, enjoying the moments of you in a tub. Enjoy you.

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Do You mean to say it's all

Do You mean to say it's all right to be me? Oh come on! I was taught, and made to deeply believe, it isn't. Where were You then? You let it happen. Well, We allowed it to happen. Perhaps it's okay then, fear and all. But now, what? Your words are making me sad and angry and strangely happy all at once, I guess You can hear that. What you ultimately desire is be yourself. That's what You said in Your Heavenletter #392, and You're soo right. But does it have to be that difficult to be myself? For better results perhaps?? I am so tired of it, at times I almost start suspecting it's all just words and cardboard carrots. But what could be the motivation for something that stupid? There is none I can think of, and so.....

While I'm writing this, Theophil posted a wonderful quotation under Heaven #710 which is about fear. Re-reading it, I find this: What is the big deal if you fall flat on your face? Indeed, what? There is no doubt it has been a big deal. I would love for it to not matter any more. Being fearlessly, unabashedly myself, wow, wow --- the most enticing thing in all of Heaven and Earth. And the only important one. Could You just go on about this some more?

Jochen, I know just what you

Jochen, I know just what you mean about falling flat on your face.

The metaphor of falling flat on your face applies literally and figuratively. It seems huge, almost like the worst thing that could happen.

I recently saw a movie about Franklin Delano Roosevelt who later became president of the United States during the depression and World War II. You may remember that about six years before he was elected president, he contracted polio. He felt that a man who could not walk could not have a political career.

The name of the movie was Warm Springs, and I thought it was a wonderful movie. Roosevelt certainly fell on his face -- and on his derriere -- many times in his attempts to struggle to walk, such as his walk was. How humbling!

In his first return to politics, with braces, a cane, and his son Elliot holding him up on one side, he was painfully able to walk to the microphone. According to the movie, all those great photos of Roosevelt with his head back, a big smile or even a laugh on his face, were there to cover up the pain he was in.

I couldn't help but think that the times he fell flat on his face -- these were the times that made him great.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said enjoy you
For the pure joy of Being
And noting yourself

God said do not hide
For when you are in your truth
There is great calmness

God said heart of hearts
What is your role in your life
From your inner truth

Love, Light and Aloha!

Exactly! Perfect!

Exactly! Perfect! Masterful!
Your Haiku poetry must have taught you to clearly sense the essence of a Heavenletter. I confess I haven't noticed until today how amazingly close your words are to the heart of the matter. Wonderful. And useful. Thank you.