Listen with Your Heart

God said:

If communication is two-way, it is love. Listening is love. Understanding is love. Even arguing can be love. You know that. Beneath the fume and fury, there is love trying to be heard. Listen.

I am not the only One that people don't listen to enough. They don't listen to you that much either. But that is not your concern. Your concern is how you listen. You can set the world on a whole new pace by virtue of your listening.

A listener is a rare wonder. Listening is a great gift. A listener is a giver.

It is polite to listen, but it is more than courtesy. The art of listening lays a carpet down for others to walk on. It is a supreme offering.

Blessed be those who listen for they are the underpinnings of life.

You know by now that it is your heart you listen with. The words are one thing, but the heart, ah, it is another. It is the heart that you put your ear to.

Someone may discover his own heart through your listening. Your listening provokes opening of the heart, yours and another.

I am the only One you give your heart to totally for your own benefit. I have nothing to gain from your listening — except you. Of course, you are what I want. I want you very much. Multiply by a whole universe how much you want me, and you have an inkling of a dewdrop of My desire for you to know My love.

At the same time, I am greatly appreciative of your listening to Me because then I can sigh and count you in. So it is for My benefit too that you hear the whispering of My love. Hear it over all the noise and din, and We are happy together.

Listening does not mean obeying. It means being a receiver.

Everyone and everything is saying something to you. But what? But what are you to learn? And what are you listening to. You don't want to spend all your time listening to repetition of yourself. Your wisdom goes only so far.

So listen to My wisdom so that you gain more wisdom. Listen to Mine so that you roll over in the joy of love.

Listen to My Voice now.

I say that listening is the same as welcoming. And who on earth does not need more welcoming? No one has had too much of it, let alone enough.

Your growth comes from your listening. Not from your talking. Listen loudly. Let your listening sense be known. Fork it over.

Your willingness to listen is a great provider. When you care about listening, your heart becomes like a furrowed field ready to be planted. What seeds will fall upon your ready heart? What will you hear that you have never heard before?

Perhaps you will hear great love. Perhaps there will be a resurgence of love. Love is ever at the ready. It's been going on for a long time.

There is nothing new about love, yet love is always new.

Did you know that love keeps you in the present?

Love and listening are such favors you bestow. The more you love, the more you love and perhaps the more you are loved. The more you listen, the more you listen, and perhaps the more you are listened to. But you do not love nor listen for what they do for you. You love and listen because they are what is natural to your heart. They are what is comfortable. They put you at ease like nothing else.

Something else can make you forget, but forgetting isn't the same as being at ease. It is My love and My great listening that put you at ease. Emulate Me, and you will ease many hearts.