Beyond Ego

God said:

It is not always easy to discern when it is ego talking or when it is your Self. Most of the time, I must confess, it is your ego that is daunted. Poor ego. It agonizes. Perhaps your ego needs to be slighted. Much of Human concern revolves around ego. Up or down. Ego is on a sliding scale.

Now you can leave the old clothes of ego behind.

Of what value is ego to you except to remind you of truth. Ego is a poor substitute for the light you radiate. Who needs ego when they have true identity?

Let ego fall by the wayside. Laugh at it. It's laughing at you. Ego is pomp and circumstance. It wears a costume that is not befitting of you. It is clown make-up.

And yet it is easy to think that ego is important, to you and to the world. The rewards ego earns only pump you up for a little while, or dash you for a little while. There is something magnificent that cuts ego down to size. Ego tries to hog the light. Truth doesn't need to, for it is the light.

Beneath the gilt of ego lies the gold of you.

And that gold is what We dig up here, for that is your happiness, and Mine.

There is nothing for you to show. We are not talking about show. Manifestation isn't show. Truth isn't show. It is isn't a production. It is simple beingness without the fanfare. Ego is the drumrolls. Truth is the King and Queen who arrive. There is no one who is not King or Queen. Costumes don't make it so. Bearing doesn't make it so. Title does not make it so. The applause or reverence bestowed upon a simple child of Mine doesn't make it so. The truth makes it so.

The Magi declared it so.

And I declare it.

All who enter are the King or Queen or Prince or Princess. Each one of you comes from regal stock. The world would tell you otherwise, but what does the world know?

But now you know, and now you can relax from all the cares you carry. Kings and Queens don't worry about all the details. They keep their eyes high. And so that is what your task is today.

Let your vision rise. That is not selfishness nor unselfishness. It is seeing deeper and perhaps wider. And that is all you need to do. To look up. Kings and Queens look up. They do not look down at their feet. And they do not bow to any man. Reverence goes to a higher order than the world's divisions.

For Heaven's sake, you are My Namesake. I did not name you in vain. Erase the subterfuge you have been living under and rise to your heritage. It is such a little thing to claim your rights and privileges. It takes nothing at all. Only ego stepped in and told you otherwise.

Ego is fraught with problems and devilishly inserts them into your awareness, and you think the problems belong to you. Think a moment how much ego has been a part of your life, and how much it has intruded. It is nothing but an intruder, and it has no shame. It makes no bones about it. Ego is a quick-fix, a palliative that has a built-in alarm, set to go off, bound to go off and leave you wondering. Or leave you forgetting.

Now forget about ego. It's not worth all this attention. You are.