Ride a Wild Horse

God said:

Unpredictable is life in the world. It flits here and there. It doesn't stay still. It is fly by night. It is a ne'er do well. Life goes by the seat of its pants. It is impromptu. It is ad-lib. It is pay as you go. It is improv.

And yet, beneath it all runs a stream that propels its way, full of knowledge, certainty, and purpose, no mistaken turns. The stream follows its river bed. The stream and the river bed are so connected. The purposeful course of the stream is invisible to you. Even when you think you know what's going on, you may not.

And so you try to order life, take over the reins, and steer it as you see fit. But you do know that you hold the reins of a runaway horse, so to speak, and your holding the reins is idle, just form, just a picture. The horse of life is steering you. Yet it is you who rides the horse. The horse will take you where it's going. You do not fully know the destination, but oh how you ride! Ah, that makes up your life.

Your intent, your desire, is a powerful force in life. With the force of your vision, you can stir the horse to settle down and ease the ride or change the direction. You cannot stem the horse for it never tires, and you do. But the horse is never riderless, do you understand?

It is not your resistance to the horse that pacifies it. Your resistance doesn't wear the horse down. It wears you out. So you do not battle the horse. You ride it. It is your ride, and you are the rider. Ride bareback.

The horse you ride on is not a Merry-Go-Round horse that can go only one way and not another. Nor is it an Iron Horse that has limited tracks to follow. The horse you ride on never submits. It never gets tame, and yet sometimes it does go the peaceful way you choose.

It is incontrovertible that the horse of life will surprise you. It is full of surprises. But you already know that. You need not be thrown. You are the one who rides the horse on the hilly terrain and on the plains and in towns and cities. You can never get off the horse. Even when you sleep, you are on it. So you ride it. You are the rider.

Whether you are awake or asleep, I guide your horse. This wayward horse seeks to do My Will as do you. You share that. You are comrades in arms. The horse isn't really running away. It is looking for its direction to be set. It follows the stars you do. One way or another, it is responding to you. Like you, it is not in isolation, so it is affected by all the other riders. Perhaps you have mis-read the stars. Perhaps in your daze on your fast-ridden horse, you have merely followed the rider ahead of you or next to you or you have been pushed along by those behind you.

You may not have known that you are a trailblazer. You may not have not known what to whisper to your horse. You may not have known how to urge it on to greater fields of glory. You may not have known how to feed it. You may not have known how to keep your heart intact. You may have lost your hat.

But this is what I have to tell you. You can never lose your way. Your way will be found. Whatever the horse you ride on looks like, you can ride it Home.