Hands Off

God said:

The concept of minding your own business is easy to believe in and not so easy to do. The difference between helping another and staying out of their affairs is not always distinct. There is no formula. The line between helping someone and intruding is a fine one indeed.

If a man is beating his horse, and you stay his hand, he thinks you're intruding. You know better. You know that if you do not intercede, you are sanctioning cruelty. The horse is a helpless creature who has no protector at the moment except you who happens to be there. Other situations are not so clear.

When do you go too far, and how do you know?

When is it your place to help and when is what you give not help at all?

When is getting in the middle meddling and when is it honorable?

In daily events, who are you to know what another's life should be and deign to step in?

Is it even your place to pray for another unless they have asked? Should their life be according to what they choose or what you do?

Instead of praying to Me that another should change their ways, put them in My light. Let the arrangement of their life be between them and Me. It is not that you do nothing. Putting someone in My light is doing a great deal, but it's just that you let others seat themselves. Your role isn't to be a social worker. Let those who can speak for themselves speak for themselves. Help yourself more. You need not ride on the backs of others. Be a humanitarian to yourself.

Pity no man. What gives you the right? Whatever another's life may be, they prefer that it be their own. They might not want yours. Whatever another's life may be, they extract the pleasure from it that is theirs. Every man must chew his own tobacco. You cannot do it for him.

You do not always know what is another's good, any more than you know your own.

Let no man put asunder.

I am not suggesting that you be indifferent to others. I am asking you to be more considerate.

Sometimes your help has not been appreciated, and you are left bewildered. Perhaps it was not help. There was something there intended to make you feel good, and instead you began to feel discounted. Be not so eager to insert yourself. Wait until you are asked. And even then…

Some of My children help too much. Let that not be you. Do not override another's life. Do not take over. Let them ride their own horse, and you ride yours. You are not the overseer of another.

It is not for you to say what another adult should or should not do. That would be pompous of you. Even if you by some chance are correct, it would still be pompous of you.

Your life is not a foregone conclusion. Your life is not at the end of someone's stick. Your life is yours, and another's is theirs. Is this not as it should be?

No one knows for sure what is for another's good. Be not an intermediary between another and their life. It is their life. No matter how well-intentioned you are, do not be so active in another's life. Be true to your own. Be true to Me. Rise above the mundane in life.

Hands off is a big help.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said do you know
To be more considerate
Put them in My light

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