Be Fair to Yourself

God said:

Beloveds, what would you like to talk about today? What would you like to hear? What do you want, and what do you not want? What is going on today, and what is not going on? Whom do you love, and whom do you not love? What is going on with you today, and what would you like from Me?

There is virtue in knowing where you stand.

Then ask Me: "God, what would You like to talk about today?"

I would like to talk about you and your well-being.

Then ask Me: "God, what would You like to hear?"

I would like to hear you are happy.

Then ask Me: "God, what do You want?"


Then don't ask Me: "God, what do You not want?" Beloveds, I cannot think in these terms. These are human terms. I do not particularize. I cannot think in those terms. I have all.

Then ask Me, "What kind of a God are You?"

I am a God of Love. My vibration is love. My creation is love. You are My creation, and you are love.

Then do not ask Me: "God, whom do You love, and whom do You not love?"

This is not even a question for Me, beloveds. I love all the same, the way I love night and day, sun and moon, fireflies and the light shining in your eyes.

Then ask: "God, what is going on today?"

Love is going on.

Then ask: "God, what would You like from me?"

What would I like from you? Everything I have given I would like from you. I would like the sun and the moon and the stars from you. I would like the oceans deep and the tides that pull. I would like you to feel pulled to Me just as the moon pulls the waves. I would like you to feel, and to feel only, the energy of love. I would like you to express that energy of love and fill the world with it and make the world as I gave it to you.

In this way, you would have peace in your heart, and this peace would radiate over time and space.

From love, the world came.

From love, you are the one to make My vision for the world come true. In that sense, beloveds, you are My wish-provider. You hold the magic scepter that delivers to Me all that I have given. It doesn't matter that I gave you that scepter. It is nevertheless yours now, and it is yours to wave and have light sparkle from.

There is no secret surrounding what I ask of you, is there?

And now I ask you to ask of yourself what I ask of you. I ask so little of you, and yet it seems to you like a mountain.

Illusion is of the world. If you see blocks to your full expression of My love that truly exists within you, these blocks are but illusion. Your impression of the outer world does not have to rule your heart of love. The outer world has no right to rule you. Enjoy the illusion of the world, and keep the Reality of Love shining brightly like the sun in the sky. Nothing is to deter you from love, beloveds, nothing.

That must seem unfair to you the same way that life itself seems unfair to you, and, yet, beloveds, everyone's heart came from Mine, and I ask you to love no matter what. It is unfair to yourself not to love.

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Thank you God, Thank you Gloria...thank you all

today i had that thought in my head....its amazing!
I choose YOU..i choose Love, i choose to love myself and my brothers. My day is full of Love, Joy and Peace....with YOU all the time
I Love you God! keep me close to you...forever.
Gratitude Gloria for this lovely letters
Love You and All! In Light and Peace

Catya, your words tell us who you are

Love words from you stroke our heart and ask for more.
Words of gratitude make us want to express what we feel.
Your words help us feel REAL.
Catya we thank you.


am always love

dear God heavenley father,
so beauteful messeges today,
am always choice close and love to you,
it onley one words i say everey morning to you,
what i want to serveng you today my Lord ,,
i soud my express my felling to you, and i say sory Lord,
because i have no think more words to say, and am glad
you written this words, you say,
god what would like to talk today,
God what would you like to hear
God what do you want
God what do you not want,
most of time of my deiley life what am choiceng or deside
am always asking you if it oky or not oky i want to be sure
if is not mestake what am doing,, i have my respect everey human being
because we are your chaildren,
what porpose of my life,, my intention, to help som, one
am understandeng helpful soport them what the need,
am forgiveng and giver, am loveng mother , am loveng wife

Carmen, God made Love to look like you

Your gentle, sweet words tell me about love, God's kind of love..
Your open searching heart makes God so happy.
The things you write about in this letter and all letters melt my heart.
Your love talks to this old man in words of love he understands.
Your words help me feel the love of God Himself.
Thank you Sweet Carmen.


Gloria shows us what it means to Know God

Try to feel God and you won't.
Try to know God and He jumps up and down on your chest.
Try to talk to God and He says: "Speak in living terms so I can understand."
Try to lean how to love and He says: "You don't have to learn to be what you are."
Try to figure it out and He just laughs while you awaken to who you already are.
You just have to be what you are.


So right George. We are good

So right George. We are good at making «to do» lists but not very skillfull at creating the single "to be" One.

Norman, your two lines are warm and good.

Norman, your words help me know the real you!