A Delicate Line

God said:

I tell you time and time again to lose the boundaries that have claimed you. At the same time, in terms of your life in the world and in relationships, I also suggest that there may be boundaries to make. Even so, know that it may be possible that some day you will not have to set personal boundaries or even think about them. It is possible that your light will shine so brightly that people in your life will know where to step and where not to step.

The absence of boundaries does not mean that it's okay for anyone to step on your toes. You do not have to roll over for everyone or give to everyone whatever it is they want from you. They are not to infringe on you. In terms of the world, you have your space that is no one else's to step on. I am not so much thinking of the physical space, beloveds, though, as the world is, there is that too. Certainly, if you are asleep in a bed in the space you call a home that you live in, it is not okay for anyone is to walk in and disturb your sleep. Because someone wants to lie down, doesn't mean you are to get out of your bed.

What do I mean then? I mean you are entitled to your own peace and quiet. You are entitled to work. You are entitled to play. Stretch yourself in your service to make the world divine, and keep yourself intact.

You are the decider, beloved. In order to serve, you give everything you have to give. You give that which, at your state of consciousness, you give gladly. What I am saying is that it is your choice what you give. The choice belongs to you and to Me, no other. The seeming others are not the directors of you.

Dear Ones, if someone wants your time, you do not always have to give it. Because you are a giver does not mean you have lost your will. Perhaps you serve better when you do not give yourself away flagrantly. That you give does not mean that others have the right to take.

I address this to those of you who, in your desire to love and give, may wear yourselves out. By all means, you do not always put yourself first, but that doesn't mean that you always put others' needs ahead of your own. There are those who can do this with complete happiness and ease. You are not yet one of them.

You have nothing to prove, beloveds.

There is a fine line between giving and giving too much. You do not have to be the best and grandest server in the world. Make sure that your desire is to serve and not have to prove anything. It is true that there may be times when it is right to give your life for another. There are times when it is right to give others' needs precedence over your own. Make sure this is your decision and not ego's need to erase yourself.

We are talking about truth. Stretch yourself. Act in the highest. Give service to your brothers and respect your own well-being. The time will come when you are totally freed from bondage. Until then, it is a delicate line.

When it is no longer a delicate line you have to walk, you will not even think about it. You will not get worn out. At that time, you will gain energy from all service you give.

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You erase yourself when

You erase yourself when giving has to do with past and future, with expectations you wipe out the heart,

rene ( netherlands)

Glad to hear from you, Rene

Glad to hear from you, Rene from the Netherlands. Do you read Heavenletters in English or in Dutch?

happy life and love

dear God heavenley father,
thank of all your advice,
what am disire or choice to give happiness
the other soul to make them happy,
and am happy to, and you to,
i am giver, am not look back what i give,you and me
we are giver, of course am becarful what am give,

what am desire of this year, i have to give of travel
to my fameley to se the land wher the born and see
of your beauteful nature of the forest rever and muntain
birds,, and that land wher we com from, the give name
of gouse land because no one live there it very quite pleace
and i love to see my birth pleace wher my mother give me a birth,
hapy life and love

What a nice thing for you to

What a nice thing for you to look forward to, Carmen. When will you go? Don't forget to tell us about the trip when you are back. Must be a beautiful country, from the few things you mention here. Blessings.

helo jochen

helo Jochen,
i do give you news, that day am veset,
but i want to tel you lettle story, i was search
of google earth to see my born pleace,
for me it very beauteful forest, because all the planter
it grow them self, no one owner that planter,
the grow of planter there cocos abocado banana mango
and more, when am ask my mother the time who is owner
that planter my mother seid no one owner, the grow them self
about the rever the call of mesterey rever, i belive so because
i was goundned that rever one time, am thank God he save my life,
i was 4years old the time, the side of rever the have a muntain,
and i can hear my own voice, verey beuteful forest, some one
the give that name goush town, no one live aouther,
i born of negros ocedental of the philipines,
the first people live there was negroto people naked people,
was menyyears a go,,,
thank you of your intition of my post
have a wonderfulday jochen my freind,,

Very interesting, dear

Very interesting, dear Carmen. Is there still land in your country that is not owned by someone, where people live the way they did before colonization? Wow, rivers and forests and mountains with echoes. On which island of the Philippines is it? I have friends who visited the Philippines once and were so enchanted that they are going back there as often as they can.

I want to say something to

I want to say something to this d.line. Whenever I feel called to do a poem or write a story or even a little comment on the web this d. line comes to fore and helps like a cat that wants your attention and then the line turns, gives its surrender, so happy it is. This d. line is helping me to bring to the fore the little receptivity response of today's and yesterday's HL, because they are like twins. You really counted them well yesterday, I was like pregnant with God's message the whole day, but today's delicate line brought it up.

How beautifully you express

How beautifully you express yourself, Nimala. I love it! Can you give us some details?

Giving & Boundaries

This is great Gloria....thank you...I've been setting boundaries for some time, and a few more lately with people who used to take advantage of my natural tendency to give...they don't like it at all and keep pushing me and behaving disrespectfully since they were able to get away with it before...now i don't rush to return the calls of a friend who always calls me late in the day to see me when i've asked her to call at least around noon ...now i don't invite a friend who got drunk and rude to come to stay in my home, so she doesn't come to see me at all, although i've told her i'll meet her for a walk & lunch...it is new behavior for me to not rush to please others sometimes at terrible cost to myself...to no longer lie down for someone i didn't want to who should never have asked that of me...i can't wait until my light shines so brightly that people will know where to step and not to

Beloved Sasha, I know how

Beloved Sasha, I know how good your heart is and just how you feel in such situations. The thing is: It's our problem, not theirs! Do you know what I mean?

Thank you <3 from Nina in Sweden

Hi, I just want to give thanks to you all who engage in these miracleluos letters, they are really fantastic and I feel so much better after reading them, you doing a great job, may all the love and light shine on you forever and keep on sharing these beutiful letters.

Many Blessings


Dear Nina, thanks to you for

Dear Nina,
thanks to you for being here now ! Love and blessings to you dear !
Hugs from Italy to Sweden