A Spool of Thread Unwinding

God said:

We can say that there is a spool of thread unwinding. As it unwinds, the thread spirals down. This is one way to describe the unfolding of life and the seeming cycles of spring, summer, autumn, winter — the cycles of everything. That yielding spool of thread is always smoothly in motion. The thread descends like a double helix, and it rises. In My metaphor, it is perpetual. There is no end to the thread. There is no need to put it through a needle to sew the Universe. The thread is circular unto itself.

Life is like a water wheel. Endless motion within such great Stillness. See those wheels of life go. The motor is running, and yet there is no sound. The motor is always running with or without sound. In the same way, you always are. Whether silent or noisy, you are. When you are asleep, you still are. And so it is when the body drops itself from the equation. This seems catastrophic to you, I understand, and yet, even in death, you don't miss a beat. If there were a cardiogram or such to hook up to life as I speak of it, you would irrefutably see that life is on a continuum. There is no interruption to life.

And life is free-falling even when there are no accidents. Life is destined, and yet it is spontaneous. And yet, in one sense, there is no destiny because life is never-ending. So, then, life is a process, and one you don't quite understand. You are not expected to understand, beloveds. You are just expected to run with it.

If life were your legs, you would run gloriously, effortlessly, eternally. Watch your legs take flight.

If life were a hammock, you would lie there and at the same time be hacking out a living.

If life were a mother, it would nurture you, and you would be satisfied.

If life came in cycles, as it does, you would make names for every nuance of it, which you have.

If life were a letter, you would open it. And life itself is a Heavenletter, only life is in a language you do not fully know how to read.

As it is, life is life, and you live with it.

Life has its own evenness, yet you bounce in it, up and down and around and around. Life is your starting-off place, and you are an acrobat of life. How tensile and flexible are your muscles! You do somersaults in the air. You reach the stars and hand them to Me. You are the one who leaps, and it is yourself you leap over. And you are the leapingness itself.

There is nothing you are not. Therefore, you are Everything. You are, in fact, Everyone! You are on the Board of Directors of the Universe, this one Universe that is of such a scale, you cannot fathom it. And yet, you are at the bottom of it. You constructed a lot of this We call life and all the connotations that go with it.

You are the bouncing ball, and you bounce it, and you are the bouncing. What is there you are not?

Now you take a leap and decide what you will discover and what you will be. You will take a leap with everything. That means you will leave where you were and bounce to somewhere new, to a new realization, perhaps, or to a new world or to a new beginning. There is no leap too big for that heart and mind of yours.

Who and what are you going to be today? And what will your day be like? Praise it, and see what you will see.

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lovly day

will my God it lovly day today,
thank for this morning,
when im wake up im pray thank giving
of this mornig, i drink my hot kaffe and
and listen de birds singing and give de
fods of de bird, and im listen your music
and i seid to my self how wontherful life
God give to me,, and to my famely
thank you for your blessing in my life,
love and ligth,

You are an inspiration,

You are an inspiration, beloved Carmen.

Thread unwinding

You are a thread unwinding with such beauty Carmen! I love you

George thread collector

Blessed Carmen

Carmen -- You are blessed that you are SO smart. You read the Manufacturer's Instructions, and so you took the shortcut Home.

Who and what are you going to be today?

This darling writer informs us that we are on the Board of Directors of the Universe. To most people this is just talk with no walk to go with it.
To those who wake to Heavenletter language know that this is TRUTH in its highest form and needs contemplation to make it real to the reader.

This great Letter goes on to propose that: "Now you take a leap and decide what you will discover and what you will be." Thats where the contemplation comes in.

What you practice thinking about begins to manifest in your KNOWER and begins to take shape in your GROWER.

Just imagine that Gloria's talk is from a frog and start playing leap frog with a purpose and with an intention. When you get the game in good shape and you imagine you are a frog, the Prince of Life will kiss you with an insight that will turn you into a prince or princess immediately.

Try it, you'll like it.

George has been kissed with LIFE

George is Way Smart!!

"What you practice thinking about begins to manifest in your KNOWER and begins to take shape in your GROWER."
I love it!! Easy, concise, catchy...were you a professor or a marketing CEO?

Hey Diddle Diddle...The Heart jumped over the Mind. This is fun!!

P.S. Gloria and I both threw roses at you on the Heaven Letter "The Earth Circles the Sun." I think you missed them. We're trying to see if we can make you blush. LOL!!

Y'all are....let's see, I'll be truthful...my loves!! Thank you for being here NOW.


I think you missed them

Yup, you got it right. Where on earth do I find them?

George weighted down with what others knew

My Two Cents...

Okay God, this is that Dayletter* you asked each to write:

To tell you the truth, when I first read this letter, I threw up my hands and walked away. I get so frustrated when you use so many metaphors. It makes me feel as if you are giving me a riddle to solve. However, I assume that since you communicate with me, then you believe I have the capacity to “grasp” the message. I sincerely hope some of my sister/brother Heaven Letter receivers will jump in and give their “take” on this letter. We're each a piece of the “puzzle”, and we are Diverse. It's going to take All of Us Together...

This is what I heard:
Since this incarnation of me (the Bonnie Chapter of me) originated in Heaven as a pure Soul/Heart and descended into density to manifest as a Citizen of Planet Earth, it was required that I take on a Physical Body and a Mind. (What was I thinking??!!!) It HAD to be Love, since that was all I was at the time. Perhaps I was in love with Your Creation and/or Mankind.

This makes me think of the Nature/Nurture Concept. I took on some genes that were normal (mildly dysfunctional), and with the Love in my heart to nurture them, I was given a purpose/mission (I call it a “packet”.) specific to me. (Gulp!) We each have specific instructions to carry out, but the overall goal in everyone's packet is to “move the ball forward”. Evolution is mandatory, it seems.

Right now, we as a Species are all over the chart. We have “manifested” the whole amazing and horrifying spectrum of dark to light...all the possibilities/probabilities of our Species have played out and are in our face everyday. Some of us forgot to “Call home, ET!!”, and that has affected “Humanity's Mass Consciousness Quotient.” You're NOT talking IQ here, I assume. I can relate to that!! I'm intelligent, and luckily I was SO intelligent that I discovered (the hard way) it's better to be smart – as in Heart Smart. It'll get you in and out of lots of places on this planet. Hmm...a “Light”??

Things are looking up: Because Planet Earth is evolving there will be no place for that type of forgetfulness-induced insanity. Is that sort of a Spiritual Alhizmer's? The Heart will be restored to her original power (The Heart knows which side her bread is buttered on!!). That power is: “Love for the All of Creation” And when the Heart's in charge/at the center, the Mind is potent. Now that sounds like a win-win situation to me. (LOL!). The most amazing message of this letter, Dear God That You Are, is that You BELIEVE IN US: You say, “There is no leap too big for that heart and mind of yours.” That makes my heart zing and melt at the same time!!

P.S. I've heard tell that the “icing on the cake”/perk for this Mass Consciousness upgrade is: Heaven and Earth could become such similar “particle/vibrational eco-systems”, that Death will not be the ONLY ticket to Heaven. We can go back and forth at will to visit/play/learn/love!!!

*("Will you make it a letter you write to Me? A dayletter."; Heavenletter # 2875 October 8, 2008)

If I may, in a deep voice,

If I may, in a deep voice, say on behalf of God, "Thank you."

Sweet Gloria -- Now THIS IS funny!!

This sounds like a "Congratulatory" Celebration. LOL!!

God to Gloria: Thank you for what you do.
Gloria to God: Thank you for my part.
Bonnie to God: Thank you for Gloria.
Bonnie to Gloria: Thank you for your part in God's Doings.
Bonnie to God: Help me do MY part.
Gloria to Bonnie From God: Thank you.
Bonnie to God: Thank you for helping me.

Okay, which one of "you ones" is next up? Do your part and let God set over your shoulder. The Universe is Watching Us!!

You've got it nailed,

You've got it nailed, Bonnie!

Death will not be the ONLY ticket to Heaven.


Are you deep on purpose or did you slip into something comfortable? Your thought make my consciousness hop onto my pogo stick, or grab my hula hoop, I'm not sure which comes first, the whirling or the jumping up and down on the inside.
Peaking around the corner of my apperception you proclaim with great wisdom: "Evolution is mandatory, it seems." Yah, it's probably true. Now and then I think that evolution is a matter of divine remembering. Who know? "The Shadow does." Your words take my breath away.

George breathless

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you still are
When the body drops itself
Always free-falling

God said Me You We
There is nothing you are not
You don't miss a beat

God said to decide
Discover what you will be
What your day will be

Love, Light and Aloha!