Divine Dreaming

God said:

What you think you want and what you truly deep-down want may be two different things. You already know you have in the past desired something or someone, and you didn't get what you had your mind and heart set on. Perhaps a thread of you understood that you were better off without that which you desired, but you wanted what you wanted and you did not want to believe otherwise, is this not so? At the time your dream broke, you were devastated, and later you may have found yourself relieved. Now you know that what formerly was a great disappointment and loss to you was a blessing all along. How blessed you are for what you receive and what you do not receive. How blessed you are.

Once upon a time, you may have wanted to open a certain kind of business, and as fortune would have it, you did open the business you so desired. Soon you discovered that, no matter how much you had wanted this business, it wasn't really for you, and you were not for it. You had started in a certain direction, and you kept going. You wanted it because you wanted it, and it really wasn't what you thought it would be at all. You went the long way around only to finally stop and go another way altogether.

It might have been nice if something had stopped you sooner.

When it is a man or woman you deeply love and you are left at the altar or some such, no matter how much you saw this as a loss and bemoaned it, now you see differently. Now you can't even conceive what it was you were thinking — what were you thinking? If all your previous desires had been fulfilled, happiness still would not have been yours. You were banking on matters that cannot be banked on.

Everything in life seems to spare you from something else. It is not always supreme when your heart's desires are fulfilled. You don't like finding out that you were barking up the wrong tree. Sometimes you have been like a monkey who can't let go of the vine he is swinging on. You hold on because you are holding on and you don't want to get off.

Certainly, you have discovered in life that everything you wish for does not come to pass. There was a time when you thought whatever you desired with all your heart would, of course, come true. Little by little, one by one, your fingers were plied off that dream. Now hold your hands out, palms up, to see what is poured into them — perhaps treasures you had never thought of, perhaps dreams you had not the foresight to dream of.

Whatever dreams may come, they serve a purpose. And whatever dreams do not come, they also serve a purpose. The whole Universe is at your feet, beloveds, like a shoe salesman, trying on shoes for you, smoothing the way for you. The longest way around may be the shortcut; the shortcut may be the long way around. How are you to know, beloveds?

So amble along in life. Love what you love and don't hold on too tight. Give your dreams a chance to breathe. And don't let go too quickly either. Dream. Don't hold tight, and don't be hasty and throw your dreams away either. Gravitate away from dreams that you think your life depends on, as if without it, you are bereft. Dream your dreams, and let people and let life follow their own stream of divine dreaming.

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Hello Gloria :o) It`s the

Hello Gloria :o)

What matters is what is happening in the world now. The consciousness that is being released everywhere, God`s consciousness within everyone is what matters. The connection with the true potential will create peace, freedom, dignity, understanding, love and compassion. In other words - worth of Self - . I am incredible slow moving today :o) tired. I am sitting on the floor typing.

I thought that healing was the area if work for me, because a woman that I was healing didn`t need the operation in hospital after. It doesn`t matter what I thought. The shape or form I am not so concerned about. Yes I matter Gloria. You have doneY a lot for me, and I am very grateful to you. Thank you Gloria. I hope to meet you sooner or later. Anyway :o) a lovely day to you with glorious beams from the sun.our colour :o) I thought maybe it was getting a bit too much :o) you are funny. I love humour. Don`t know how I would have survived without. Don`t you prefer American to English? :o) (o:

Love you too you little Mizz Muffet - OK I then - Would you believe Sunshine outside Today O

I am accepting great love :o) There has been enough Red. Maybe a softer col

You don`t find me just a bit

You don`t find me just a bit stubborn at times do you Gloria. :o) (o: I think so 2

Beloved God's Child, you

Beloved God's Child, you don't know stubborn until you've met me!

It's wonderful having you here, dear one.

Bear in mind that it is God Who is putting roses in your cheeks!

Hi Mizz Muffet :o) I have

Hi Mizz Muffet :o)

I have changed my name to Mizz Detached. I AM just so detached from everyone and everything. Isn`t it just wonderful not needing anyone or anything. Cheap it is as well. I have just been out shopping. Everything seems to Be just now. I went to the Supermarket, but realized that I didn`t need anything, because I AM so detached.
I picked up a cucumber, green for hope of course, but I thought to myself I might just get too attaached to it while I am eating it, and we can`t have that can we. So I put it down again since I am really and seriously practicing detachment. Picked up 2 pumpkins, but no I will probably get attached to the rather scary faces of Halloween, and we can`t have that can we. I picked up a newspaper, but no I am getting more thatn enough Sun at home, and so I didn`t need that either.
Anyway I left the Supermarket with an empty carrierbag just and I mean just a proof of my presence in normal life. I have never created such a marvellous cheap shoppigspree ever in my life, but I might do it again. So from now on Mizz Detached rules her shopping.

Love and funny Sun :o) (o:

What a delight! Mizz

What a delight! Mizz Detached, you are on to something!

Dream away...

Here are some dreams: That everyone in the world is soft and nice and well-fed and well-housed and is healthy and happy too! And...that their hearts open to receive and share the bounty of God's love. That is my dream and desire for others. My dream for myself is that my heart open even more...so that each and every moment becomes this soft gateway into the divine...and that as I walk...I step with one foot at a time...this way I will not trip and this way I will stay in the present and the Presence. And my other dream is to stay in my Heart...God's Heart Now and forever. ps: I believe that Now and forever are the same thing. My other, other dream is that I be immersed always in God's Love...so that all aspects of what I think and say and feel and share with others is pure Love. This is my dream and this is my desire and this is my prayer. Loving and blessing you always...and may you also dare to dream...Jim.


Jim, you bless the socks off me.!

George blessed and barefoot


helo Gloria,
thank for your thougth of gang way of heaven, i do my best of my comment of
God, and Gloria thank you so much your
music God and you,, God and you,,
and i hear evrymorning God music and you, and i love you Gloria,

"To dream the impossible dream, to fight the impossible..."

"Ah to sleep, perchance to dream...Ah, there's the rub..." We all know this stuff about dreaming and we even think we can choose what to dream and what not to dream.

The fact of the matter seems to be that the things we read, the things we think, the things we ponder, the things we meditate on along with the people who beat on the front door of our consciousness affect what and why we dream.

Of course I'm talking about night dreaming, but it equally refers to day dreaming. Be thoughtful about what you shovel into the hungry mouth of your growing curiosity. Choose wisely the books and magazines that you read.

Know that they will form the fabric of your unconscious tapestry and will tend to make your life picture that from someone's book instead of from deep inside the real you.

Heavenletters can be of great help in dreaming the impossible dream so as to make it possible.

George yawning again

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said dream your dreams
And in life love what you love
See the treasures there

Love, Light and Aloha!

And in life love what you love

Darling Alohalight:

Your words, every day, never cease to play hop-scotch in my heart of love.

George playing more because of you

How blessed we are !

I do love this Heavenletter !!

Now you know that what formerly was a great disappointment and loss to you was a blessing all along. How blessed you are for what you receive and what you do not receive. How blessed you are.

Much love

Berit's reply

Berit, Sweet One:

Your words role around in my mind like choice, delicious berries. So sweet!

George salivating a bit much