No Longer Ride the Dragon

God said:

Whenever you are angry, you can know you have an axe to grind. Regardless of what you see as the inciting event that lit the fire of anger within you, you have been carrying around some grudge with the universe. Just the way your love can always be ignited, so you have a vein of resentment within you. You may accrue your exploding anger onto many things, yet a spark lit the dynamite you had stored there. Do you understand? You are responsible for your anger. You own it. It is all yours.

Would that explosions of your anger would leave less and less anger available each time, yet, the way it is, the same amount is left, perhaps even more, because once again you feel the injustice of not being heard. No matter how justified and logical the cause of your anger, the supposed cause only set off the embers already burning.

This volcano of anger within you, whether dormant or active, curtails your joy. The anger is there. Submerged, buried under volcanic ash, no matter, it is there.

And so you ask, "God, how can I get rid of my anger altogether? You are right. Sometimes I have no idea it's there, and then someone lights a match, and my anger flares up. God, I have a dragon of anger within me, and I don't know what to do about it. How do I remove it? And if I cannot remove it, how do I get this dragon to settle down? I understand what You say that I am the receptacle of my own anger. I understand You to say that I don't have to have it. I don't have to let anger consume me. I also understand You to say that I am really love. Help me, please, God, to remove my anger, and will You remove anger from all the Earth? I know anger is not worthy. I know anger does not benefit anyone. I do not seem to be capable of removing my anger, and I don't know how to abide with it. I am at a loss to know what to do. Help me to have love reign. Help me to abolish anger from my heart. Help me to sweep up even the ashes of anger that make my heart heavy."

Beloveds, somewhere in your mind, you must think that anger serves you. You must think that anger is your right, that you have earned it. You must think that you have to defend yourself, perhaps your rightness. You may think you have to protect your name. Or perhaps you have to unleash your anger on someone or something else so that all your anger is not against yourself.

Once you were a helpless child. You expressed your recognition of helplessness in tears and then in fighting back the tears and hitting out, even if the hitting out was pounding on your pillow or banging your own head against the wall. All anger is pounding your own head against the wall.

Recognize that you are no longer helpless. You are no longer helpless. You are no longer helpless, and no longer need you be at the beck and call of anger. You can ignore that dragon of anger. The dragon will tell you that you have every right to it. Now you know you have no right to anger at all. You have the right to love. You have no right to be caught up in anger.

The dragon of anger does not have to carry you in its arms and shoot out its flames through your mouth. Admit to Me right now that you do not need anger to uphold you. Admit that you do not have to vote for anger. Anger isn't really a dragon. It is a little powerless child, and no more than that. Stop riding on that dragon. Ride on a horsie instead. Give yourself solace instead of anger. Burn that dragon, and do not feed him again.

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good morning God,good morning (or evening) dear ones

good morningGod,good morning(or evening)beautiful ones.Amazing, how,unlike most other states of 'being' ,anger distorts our faces and makes them ugly.from my experience, denied anger kept inside is very very distorting for inner us. The beautiful souls who post just don't know how good it is to follow what they say and how supportive especially the very dear and close to my heart George MOnta who makes the outside and the inside smile.thank u G2 Gloria and george,thank u all, friends to one in

much much Love from a little confused sanata.

You don't seem confused,

You don't seem confused, Sanata. God bless you.



What do you mean, God's

What do you mean, God's child?

No longer helpless!

Recognize that you are no longer helpless. You are no longer helpless. You are no longer helpless, and no longer need you be at the beck and call of anger.

Beloved God! Only You could can show me this. I believe it! I've learned quite some time ago that anger does nothing for me and have learned to let it go. My heart swells with joy and praise and gratitude because of Your LOVE. Yesterday as I was walking near the riverside I felt PERFECT Peace, how glorious and wonderful!

Praise and Honour are Yours eternally, I will forever Love and Honor You, I am speechlessly in Love! Johanne

Free Will

Here is another little cute story, there are many of them. About 1,5-2 weeks ago the radio in my car, yes you might say that it went crazy. It turned black, completely dysfunctional, more or less disabled. I love listening to the radio in the car. I play music that loud that my hearing is going. I don`t see all that well any longer either, sounds promising doesn`t it. Anyway, my eyes will be sharper in a bit my intuition is telling me. I wasn`t too happy about the radio. I am addicted you see. It was rather sad driving around without these beautiful, imaginative tunes connecting with me. 2 days later I went to Moss shopping. Somehow on my way back home my energy, feelings, light, love, thoughts changed. I went into a very positive flow, and felt such a relief. I wanted an other child. As I was about to drive into the courtyard the radio started playing again, just as though nothing had happened. Beautiful tunes of music. I was quite shocked and very taken aback. And do you know what - very relieved that I am so well taken care of. And this someone is tapping into my computer, raising me up to a place where I beloI Am getting shaky now Oh My Godng. I am completely lost for words.

Love and Light


In paragraph 4 God so clearly speaks words that I feel in my own mind and heart. May God's message "you are no longer helpless" really sink into my heart and mind as I read and reread this, and may this be true for all the Heavenletter readers who would like to stop riding on the dragon of anger.

Not all anger is bad

There is healthy anger and unhealthy anger. Anger at the site of a messy house that propels you to clean it can be a healthy form of anger. Most if not all social reform came from anger, that created change from an unjust situation.

There is a destructive anger that seems to be the main focus in todays HL. Anger is also a natural emotion and can be healthy or unhealthy depending on how it's used.

Repressed anger becomes rage. Anger can be positively channeled or negatively channeled.

I agree that being rid of the negative effects of anger is a healthy choice.

The dragon of anger does not have to carry you

This darling writer hit the nail on the head, or side or whacked her beautiful hand.

The dragon of anger seems real but is only as real as the amount of time we spend at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, or the tree where we dabble in duality in life.

At times we think that God is out there and at times we think that EGO is deep inside breathing fire, both are illusions that seem real.

Both ideas miss the point that THE SOURCE decided that we'd be our self, just as we are each moment in the now. Even our thoughts grow out of that which can not be seen. We are told, every so clearly, that all that is comes out of that which is not. It really says that all that we see comes from that which we cannot see. It's the same story told in different ways.

Get to know and love the dragon killer. HE'S real and fun to know and you can get to know the dragon killer by "looking in the mirror because in the mirror you see the glory of God and are transformed into that self same image or likeness from one glory to the next."

The darling writer finalized this glorious thought by writing: "Burn that dragon, and do not feed him again."

We all cry yes, yes, but not today. The coffin into which we have to slip our cognitive imagination is not tempting to our remembered selfhood.

George the dragon killer almost

Hi George....

I do not mind the Dragon...but I think he is still in my Heart...grazing in a beautiful meadow. I do not need to feed him any longer. I used to feed him with fire...he seemed to like that a lot. And when I finally lost interest in feeding him fire, he wandered out on his own. Now...I just allow him to wander in the meadow and nibble some of the lush, verdant grasses. He seems quite content now. He is truly a beautiful creature. I love him dearly. I do not believe in burning the dragon...just setting him free. Love and blessings, Jim

May we softly acknowledge all of our inner aspects...may we allow them their space...their seeming identities...and as we do love...the deleterious effect of their presence fades...they are released not even to pasture...but to meadow. May they truly be free and at peace. And with this, in this, we become free too.

Response to "Hi George..."

Precious Jim:

Your grazing Dragon just bit the head off of my sleeping dragon. Your words ripple on the pond where my dragon peacefully floats headless, it takes note of where it's at and goes back to sleep. It loves my water wheel but the water put out its fire years ago. Madeline Lengle shows us how beautiful dragons can be when you learn how to set them free. Reading the good things you write helps us get free of our dragons. Thanks! The fading of the dragon reveals the growing of grace and love. You delight me Jim!

George more free than yesterday

You can ignore that dragon of anger

Ignoring is the only strategy I have found helpful so far. You could also call it "turning away". Or you could call it "leaning" somewhere else.

This is from Heaven #2779, When You Are Perfectly Still:

In stillness, everything is easy. By its very nature, stillness is effortless. Everything travels to you when you are perfectly still. You do not have to go to it.
Even when you run around, you are stillness. Even when you are angry and your blood pressure goes up, even so, you are still. Even when you run a race, you are still. Your mind and body can rush around, yet the core of you is stillness.
Lean into that stillness, beloved, and you will accomplish more. The easier you are, the more easily everything in the Universe falls in your lap.

Ignoring is the only strategy I have found helpful


Your words have the maturity of a saint. You speak and my heart stands still. Your words make my soul stand at attention! Thanks

George standing at attention

At ease!

At ease!
But without

Loving and allowing

The dragon of anger does not have to carry you in its arms and shoot out its flames through your mouth. Admit to Me right now that you do not need anger to uphold you. Admit that you do not have to vote for anger. Anger isn't really a dragon. It is a little powerless child, and no more than that. Stop riding on that dragon. Ride on a horsie instead. Give yourself solace instead of anger. Burn that dragon, and do not feed him again.

Although I understand the intent behind these words, I disagree in part. In my experience, I have found it much more helpful...and practical to not cast the dragon out, much less burn him...but to include him in my heart. He is, I agree, the voice of a powerless little child...within me. How to console and bring peace to this inner child..? Include him-her within my heart...listen to the various voices of this child...including anger...and with this loving...comes allowing. And why is this inner child so angry? Because of our withheld Love. When we dare to face all of the aspects love them and allow them...the glue that attaches them to us dissolves...the film like reality of asspects dissolves...and the Reality of the Love is revealed.

Love and blessings, Jim.

"Loving and allowing"

Precious Jim:

Your words take us to a high level in the INNER man. It helps us see through what we thought it was before we saw it from the high places you have taken us. Thanks good friend

George breathless in the altitude



Anger, Letting Go, Forgiveness....

Forgiveness is a critical and crucial thing to offer the world at this time... to break the vicious cycling of anger, resentment, ill-will and hatred.




Pat: Your words bless me! Thanks

George thinking better

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said admit Me
Give yourself solace instead
I will uphold you

Love, Light and Aloha!