A Giant of Love

God said:

You equate your mind with yourself. You are not your mind. Your mind is part of your body. Your mind twists and turns. It is a lovely thing to have a mind. You want it and you have it, yet your mind is changeable. That is really a good thing because you do want your mind to grow, and it grows by changing. Mind is only a part of you, however. It is not you.

Your body is not you.

Your ego is not you.

Mind, body, ego are representations of you. They are like a course of study. The Invincible You needs no course of study. The Invincible You is ancient and wise and still yet new-born and ever fresh.

Call this true part of you Soul, or call it God. Whatever you call it or don't call it, it is you and it is I, this One unswerving Oneness where Truth stands inviolate and very aware of its Self.

We do not stand apart, beloveds. There is no distance between Us. Everything I know, you know, and I know Everything Everywhere, and so do you. So are you. Somewhere in the recesses of your heart lies this burgeoning acorn of Truth. Will the real you stand up? Will the knowingness of you instead of the questioningness of you please stand up?

Stand up and you will see that you are the Ocean. You are, in fact, the Ocean that is larger than the Ocean Itself. You are all the Emptiness which includes Everything. You are the Vastness itself. You have no borders, no demarcation. You are the Entire Creation before it manifested. You are the Original Thought which was of Nothingness. All the manifest world will fit in one finger of your hand.

You do not know how vast you are and how widespread you are. You think you are a fingernail of Who you are.

You cannot believe Who you are.

You cannot believe Truth because you are familiar with a wallet-sized photo. You like to touch the boundaries, even though they are the fiction you proclaim.

Not one thought of yours can touch the Vastness, which you may also call Void, let alone fill it up. All your thoughts cannot even fill up the whole manifest world. You are a Giant of Love, beloveds. You are reluctant to recognize this. You are resistant to the idea of yourself as a Great Being, for so long have you believed in your smallness and your infractions on life. You, Who are a Giant, cannot even see the toes of your Greatness, so long have you denied it.

When you begin to succumb to your Greatness, there will be no ego to swell. Who needs ego when he has Greatness? What hero needs to puff himself up when he has been heroic?

Your true stature is magnificence. Your supreme beauty is beyond measure.

All this I state is not what you can one day be. It is what you are right now, if only you could see. If only you could clear the cobwebs from in front of your eyes. If only you would rub your eyes and rub the supposed past away, you would, you really would, begin to see yourself in your true colors.

Who needs to call on the angels when you are one? Call on yourself.

Who needs to pray to God when it is yourself you pray to?

Who needs to be at odds with Himself?

Who needs to pretend anything when you are Everything?

You are the Wholeness you have wanted and sought.

You are Being, the same Being that I AM.

We are truly indelibly One. Why won't you believe Me?

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Your true stature

There are days, even not extremely cold ones, when something inside makes you shiver and you can't seem to get warm - until you go out there and get moving, taking a swift walk perhaps or even jogging a little, puffing up and down the hillocks in the park until you get warm enough to do push-ups and pull-ups or whatever you fancy, and then you feel the warmth really starting to course through you, your hands getting all hot and red until you have to remove your gloves, take off your cap, open your jacket or you would start to sweat even at seven degrees below zero ... and that cold spot inside, whatever it was, is gone, and you feel so good. That is what this Heavenletter makes me feel like.

It is true, I still don't clearly see how vast and how widespread I am, but at least today I feel very distinctly that what You say is literally so and not metaphor at all. Tomorrow I may start again to think in terms of to-do, I may again think in terms of how to further approach "God", "Truth" etcetera but not today. Today I'll just steep in Your words, sensing this Invincibility somewhere, almost feeling ancient and wise and still yet new-born and ever fresh.

You know, I even start expecting to find out I'm a Giant of Love. False modesty and other habitual warding-off strategies go deep, but their end is in sight. Even if I still don't quite see, my heart already knows that Your words are exactly, literally true. And when You get as blunt as this ... oh, I simply love it:

Who needs to call on the angels when you are one? Call on yourself.
Who needs to pray to God when it is yourself you pray to?

Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the great awareness and energy that you give here. When I read what your heart writes, I really begin to grasp the meaning of Heavenletters.

Your writing is

Your writing is inspirational. Powerful. Thank you.

I Know Which Tree is Which!!

It seems as if we are being instructed to differentiate between “the part of the Invincible us that harbors wisdom and has the ability to know Everything, Everywhere” and “mind, which is related to our biology”.

This higher consciousness is named in this Heavenletter as “Soul, Truth-aware-of-Self”, God, or Oneness.

As in many Heavenletters, God once again cautions us not to identify with our “mind”. If God says something, what entity “in their right mind” would argue the point? LOL!! However, I can't help but wonder what is the “issue” that causes God to discount our “mind” so?? Ah...h, this sounds like a Garden of Eden rerun!!

Some acknowledge we can never “really” depart our God-given wisdom and intelligence, and therein lays our assurance and confidence. It feels as if the “Real Me” IS standing up. It feels as if the “Real Me” IS all I KNOW. It seems as if “Soul or Truth-aware-of-Self” IS my consciousness.

There is that which I KNOW, which will not/cannot be tempted, intimidated or confused by what is perhaps a common misunderstanding regarding the danger of the “mind” (either forgive my innocence or the sophistry of “words”). Words about “mind” can be SO complicated, whereas words about Love are much easier to contemplate.

I DO remember past incarnations, so perhaps this is a “non-issue” with me, and I am “choking” on what seems like “over-kill” on the “point”...who knows? Maybe I've got a “4000 B.C. Been There, Done That” T-Shirt.

I understand energy and a modicum of “quantum physics” enough to know that ALL is energy that behaves differently according to levels, dimensions, and densities. That doesn't change my eternal, original LOVE/ENERGY one iota. I think I'll just sit here under this tree, and experience my Beingness.

Some energy is transferable to other levels, dimensions, densities, some is not.

So big deal!! I'll take what is “allowed” and never mind the rest. It's kind of like the airline carry-on restrictions, right??

But Bonnie, I don't see mind

But Bonnie, I don't see mind discounted here in any way. I think there are even Heavenletters in praise of mind. Why would God call mind a lovely thing, why would He advocate its growth when it is good for nothing? There is no good-for-nothing, and I don't think there are "carry-on restrictions". Mind is a wonderful tool when it works hand in glove with heart instead of that separation monger that is called ego. Mind is wonderful, our "biology" is wonderful, even ego, I guess, is wonderful. Only they don't exist the way we have been thinking they do since, say, 4000 B.C. They are hologram and in that sense unreal but also in that sense real. At least that's how I understand it.

See again. See as of old when you and I knew as One that We stood in Oneness and cast a 3-D picture before Ourselves, and saw that it was good.

Jochen, Bail me Out Please!!

Dear Jochen,
I would be eternally appreciative (Really!!) if you could help me UNDERSTAND some of the Heavenletters that seem to me confusing at best. This is a good example. It does say all those “nice” things about mind...then it says, “Mind is only a part of you, however. It is not you.”

I just don't “get it”!! I get so...o..o frustrated trying to understand. I'm an oh-so-willing God's kid, and I don't want to miss anything that might be a “blind spot” for me.

Sometimes I just think this is some “mystical way of talking” that I have not been exposed to. I never did formal meditation studies, or participated in esoteric group “disciplines”. A lot of y'all did, and it seems that y'all just “sail on past” things in Heavenletters that make me stumble. Neither do I consider myself a “scholar”, instead I've always just tried to get “the big picture”. I am really smart, but fortunately I was taught to consider that a “blessing”, much the same as being pretty, or inherited wealth. That's not what's most important to God, in other words.

I've mostly used what I consider “common sense” (what I personally consider as “my mind”) because God is available-to-all, no matter traditions OR mental capacity. The “be as little children, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven” teaching has been my “framework”/reference point to KNOWING God the way I do. Perhaps that's why these “warnings” about mind/intellect “throw me for a loop.”

Perhaps it's semantics,or...

Maybe “science” WILL clarify it with the hologram explanation (I'm not so familiar with that, but VERY interested) or the “quantum physics” which I am somewhat versed in. There's an overlap there...am I correct? But this information is not available to all, and God is. So where does that leave those others?

I DO know one thing Jochen...Gloria (and God, too!!) has probably gotten a BIG KICK out of this: The HL quote you closed your post to me with is VERBATIM the same one of several I've sent her in the past week for the calendar!! Can you believe it...synchronicity it seems is “at work”.

Warm regards,

Bonnie Darling I'm not Jochen but have some ideas

You, my sweet one, are trying to get to where you are, but can't see it, yet.
Trying, blinds you so much you can't see HOME, as home.
Be Still and KNOW that I AM is God.
You are "I AM" but don't know it because you are trying to be "I AM".
You only get it by knowing.
You only know by meditation and silence.
I guess it's really called "seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added".
Knock if you can't get in,
Ask if you have a question, but don't ask people. Ask God in you.

George in love

Dear Bonnie,

I was not at home the whole day which is why, unfortunately, I had to let you wait. I'm not altogether clear about what it is you find hard to understand, but I think I can say a few things nevertheless.

You mention blind spots which is really a most important issue. I keep finding more and more of them in my own eyes, small and large ones. "Blind spot" means: Try as you might, you can't see there. You don't even know there is anything to see in that spot. You have to rely on others who easily see what you can't and who are (all too) willing to point it out to you. At first, you will not accept what they point out to you. And how could you when you don't see what they see? But when they are people who clearly love you and want only the best for you, one day you are going to say, "Okay, I don't see it, but if you say it's there, I will at least consider it possible." And if you are serious about this and really start looking for what you could not see so far, one day a slight, involuntary shift of perspective will occur and you will start so sense that which your blind spot had covered so far.

And that, I found, is all there is to it. There are, for me too, things in Heavenletters I don't really "get". I find myself muttering and arguing quite a lot. But on the other hand, I clearly sense the love in Heavenletters, and overall they ring true for me in a way nothing ever has before. So I made a choice. I decided that, no matter what, God is right. End of story. And since I did that, everything is clearing up bit by bit, slowly but steadily. Open you heart to those frustrating conundrums again and again. Do not just accept. That doesn't work, at least not for me.

By all means, Bonnie, stick to your common sense. I don't think that scientific knowledge will clarify very much for you. I have some, but I'm sure it's hardly more than pop. What I understood, though, is that matter does not exist and that this contention is not "a mystical way of talking" at all. When I heard for the first time that, even scientifically, nothing exists the way we have been thinking it does, a loud "Yes" burst forth from somewhere inside me. That may be a bit of an advantage. I seem to be naturally inclined to feel and think that way.

Is this useful in any way?


Jochen and George...I'm Inspired!!

My dear Gentlemen:

I wholeheartedly echo this statement: “I clearly sense the love in Heavenletters, and overall they ring true for me in a way nothing ever has before.”

It does make me feel A LOT more comfortable to know that not every one of us understands every word in every Heavenletter. More comfortable...in the company of fellow “Godlings”. Yes!! Thank you ever so much!! I feel much more “at ease”...much more like I feel when it's “just God and me”.

This thought DID occur to me. If we “voice” the parts that are not clear...won't God respond to us so as to clarify Himself/Herself in a Heavenletter? That's how it works for me in a one-on-one scenario with God...so of course that could be possibility. God says He/She considers us “One Child”. We may have to wait-a-while, as Gloria is “ahead” of time. Or, maybe NOT, as God is “presentient”...LOL!!

I never even considered I had a “choice” re God/how God “should be”. He/She IS God, after all. I've always “liked God” a lot. I didn't always DO “right”, but I've always felt that was a “learning curve”, and God is oh-so-merciful. Being also an adoring parent...this seems an inevitable “conclusion” to me.

However, I'm SO far away from being able to verbalize that I am God, although I know Heavenletters says so. I'm NOT disagreeing AT ALL, I'm just “bashful”. Some of us ladies are just getting the “permission” to join in any group discussion about spiritual matters...it may take us a bit longer to “catch up” to you guys in this area.

Really I don't KNOW for sure about what Heaven will “feel” like this time around, nor what our capabilities will be. Or if we'll be able to facilitate two-way communication with all others. Or able to facilitate “exchanges of Love” with all others. God says to IMAGINE what we desire, anyway. So I like to imagine this!!

I also wholeheartedly agree that nothing exists the way we have been taught it does by science (so far) or tradition (I have a long “memory” that tells me this is so). I like the way we are being encouraged in Heavenletters to let the boundaries that hamper any knowingness of such things fall away.

George, I wouldn't even know how to begin to “shut down my thoughts” in a formal way. I am alone-with-God so much of the time that I don't know anymore which thoughts are “mine” and which are “His/Hers”. To me the words “be still, and know I am God” are instruction to spend “quality time” with God...and listen. No one else is “talking” to me BUT God during my non-work hours!! I have consciously chosen to be “single” in order to have this “advantage” and I don't own a TV or read fiction, either. He points me toward subject matter to “investigate”, and I “follow God's nose”. I prefer this alone-with-God lifestyle...very quiet, but never dull or boring!!

Jochen inspired me to let the issue of “blind spots”, which I am sensitive and conscientious about, lay with God for a while this afternoon. This is what I “got”. We know from Heavenletters we have our place reserved in Heaven no matter what. No longer are we threatened by “not being good enough”. Thank you, God!! So when we are willing to “better ourselves” it is only because we are “internally involved” with our Creator. Why would He/She NOT then give us “sight” if necessary for the good of All? How refreshing!!

Love to you Both!!

A Giant of Love

NEW CLIP OF CEEM CLIP CLIP OF CLIP ... bring REALITATEA START FROM OUR CEVA.TOTUL GAND then turns in the Word and then in fact.

OCEAN OF LIGHT and love.


A Giant of Love

We are truly indelibly One. Why won't you believe Me?

I realy want to beleive, but how do I apply this to difficulties and sickness?
Thanks Gerard

Gerard, this must be a

Gerard, this must be a question that is asked by many of us. I am very familiar with it even though I am in good physical health. As far as I can see there is no simple and straightforward answer to it. Yet what I am finding is that if I simply read Heavenletters with my heart and mind as open as I can possibly keep them, making myself accessible for this incredible wisdom to the point where, very gradually, I recognize it as my own, things start to change slowly but surely.

I know this is only a very general answer and may not be too helpful. I just hope for you that your difficulties may not be too urgent or uncomfortable, making you restless in your search for solutions. Please find some space where your encounter with God can be easy and free of urgency. Immediate solutions for specific problems may not come. They do not in my case. But as I said, life somehow changes. And even before solutions start to arrive, you will know that ALL IS WELL.

I AM is A Beautiful Castle

"I AM" is a mansion or castle i think Ill move into.
Hey! I discovered I live there already and can't move in.
How does this darling writer know such puffy beauty?
Oh.....she lives there too.
How come some folk feel left out in the rain?
Perhaps they haven't learned to dance in the divine rain of love.
Perhaps they tune into the wrong station most of the time.
Life's funny that way; what you dial into is what you get.
If You don't like your story? Write a different one. You really are the author of your story.
Love it or change it so you can love it.
How? Think about it or learn to ask. It isn't hard.

George with mud on his face

How? How He loves to play In


How He loves to play
In the Divine Rain and Clay
"Life's funny that way"

And for Us to trace
Here's George with mud on his face
Grinning smiles of grace

Love, Light and Aloha!
(And smiling with you George)

Playing in the rain

You make me smile for REAL, mud and all.
No wonder I love you so.

George mud on shows too

How come some folk feel left

How come some folk feel left out in the rain?
Perhaps they haven't learned to dance in the divine rain of love.
Perhaps they tune into the wrong station most of the time.
Life's funny that way; what you dial into is what you get.
If You don't like your story? Write a different one. You really are the author of your story.
Love it or change it so you can love it.
How? Think about it or learn to ask. It isn't hard.

Yes, they haven't learned to dance in the divine rain of love. Or maybe they only don't know they are doing it.
Tuning into the wrong station, yes, that's a very fitting image.
Yes, what you dial into is what you get - and from what you get you know what you've dialed into. Just dial anew. Yes, ignore that awful cramp in your hand and arm, it's delusion anyway.
Rewrite your story, change it so you can love it. This, no doubt, is what we have to do.

Every single word is correct, George. And wrong. But I'm sure you know that. You know that those of us who mistakenly imagine they are standing in the rain aren't just stupid or stubborn or misinformed. You know they may have written their story when they couldn't write yet, crashing down on a typewriter so to speak. I absolutely love God's "bluff" and "casual" manner of speaking about our oh so deep tragedies. But in most cases it doesen't sound right to me when we do it. Now, of course, it's not possible to be angry with someone who is a walking heart. It's not even possible to criticise someone like that. I might be tempted, but the solution you offer is wonderful: learn to ask.

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said where Truth stands
Call this true part of you Soul
It is you and I

Love, Light and Aloha!

I think I will read this

I think I will read this Love Letter daily for many more days to come, such is it's beauty and overwhelming love. What an amazing call for awakening !!

Thank You most beloved and sweetest Father !