The Ride of a Lifetime

God said:

If you can look out the window in the morning and see the sun shining on leaves, isn't this enough for happiness? What more is it that you must have?

If you can look up and see the blue sky with drifts of clouds, what can be missing from your life?

If you can see, what is there that you must demand?

If you can be, why then is your heart not fulfilled?

It seems to Me that you rush past the moment of wonder on your way to an important meeting that you cannot be late for.

I have to ask you, beloveds, what is more important than the sun, the leaves, and the sky? What is more important than your simple Being?

Let these be enough, and every day will be spoken for, and every day will be a millennium. The juice of every day will be wrung from it. There will be fulfillment, all from the little thing of looking out the window or up at the sky above.

There is a God in Heaven, and there is the same God on Earth. Is there something more you need to be admitted to?

Walk right in where you are right now. Walk right up to your life and embrace it. This is life, beloveds. This is your life and it is Mine. If there is anything missing, it is you who is missing from it. You are passing it by.

Now, right at this moment, turn on your life as you would streetlights. Light up your own life by noticing the daily gifts it gives to you.

The sun is shining or it is raining. The sun is shining brightly or it is getting cloudy. Think, think, Beloveds, of the world you live in. There is even an occasional rainbow to mark your days. There is heat and there is cold. There is water and there is thirst. There are oceans and there are deserts. There are forests and there are plains. There are colors, a whole range of them. There is music and songs to be discovered.

There are breezes and there are gales. There is stillness and there are sultry days.

What has been left out of life that you feel deprived of it? What more is there for you to want when this beautiful creation has been laid out for you?

Think of the animals and the wealth of their gifts. Think of flowers. Don't forget flowers. Even vegetables are flowers before they are vegetables.

Think of Oneness, and what else is there to think about?

When your plate is full and you have eaten, what is there to be hungry about?

What can be missing from your life unless you have run past it? Perhaps you have been on your way to somewhere, and you went right past it.

Now be sure to notice life as you run to wherever you are running to. Notice the sounds of your footfall. Notice the sound of children at play. Notice the sound of the wind, and notice the silence when there is no wind.

Notice the sound of raindrops, and notice how they fall on the leaves that greet the sun just as easily.

Are you perhaps fussy about life? Have you forgotten what you already have before you as you reach out for more? Have more, beloveds. Have all of life that you want. At the same time, don't skim over the basics. Don't skim over the milk of life nor skip over the bread of life nor skip past the motor of life. The motor is running. If life is a bus, it is a bus for you to jump on. Jump on. Have the ride of a lifetime. Come with Me today.

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The sound of the raindrops, sublime

I am determined today to fully enjoy everything around me. I will, in a few moments,
look out the window and see the sun rising in joy again this morning, and I, too, will be in joy.
If it is raining, there is an innocence about rain, and yet a knowing, a sweet knowing
if I will see it rightly. If it is cloudy, I want to notice and remember the sweet softness
of clouds, and some clouds sire;u hold the sun'ls light of many colors, and I'll rejoice !
Today I am determined not to be fussy because the day doesn't seem to be what
A PERSPECTIVE OF WHOLENESS . Today, I'm aware of so much light behind
my eyes, eyes that now want to see everything with love and gratitude.

I did not get my Heaven letter

To Whom it My Concern:

I am not sure why I did not recieve my heaven letter but i did look to make sure I did not add it to my junk mail and i had not I was hopping someone
could help me figure out what happen.

Thank You God Bless You,
April Barker

Beloved April, we sure do

Beloved April, we sure do want to make sure you receive your Heavenletters.

Usually this happens when a subscriber's internet service provider bounces Heavenletters back.

I went to the data base and found six Aprils! I don't know which one is you. I went through each one and found one April whose Heavenletters had been bounced. Maybe that's you!

April, please email me personally gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org so I can have your email address and make sure you receive your Heavenletters.

Thank you for letting us know.

And this is for everyone. The first time you don't receive a Heavenletter, please tell us. Otherwise, we won't know.

God bless you.

With love,


Twice as Nice

This Heavenletter made me think of what happens when we have a weather event or a celestial event here in my community. The neighbors come out and oh..h and ah..h together!! It becomes a "shared" experience.

So...I feel blessed by the natural phenomena AND warmed-at-heart for having so many to share with!!

Thanks, God!!

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Creation has been laid out
Notice the moment

God said Being you
If you can be what you will
What can be missing

God said to have more
Have the juice of every day
Have all that you want

God said reach for Me
In the moment of wonder
There is fulfillment

Love, Light and Aloha!