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From a 5-year old Godwriter

"Don't you see we are not here for our own purpose, we are here for the universal purpose?"

Nicholas started his own Godwriting at the age of 3.

Nicholas is considered brain-damaged, yet he taught himself to read at the age of 2 1/2.
He has a book out, and now is called on to give talks to large groups.

What does the world know.

And, yes, there is one God.

Dearest Gloria, many many

Dearest Gloria,

many many thanks for this posting !!!!!! I am thinking of the many many ways in which God is speaking to us, in which He is revealing Himself to us, in which He constantly invites us to go beyond our illusionary limitations and to recognize WHO WE REALLY ARE and what all that we call life is REALLY about.

Love, blessings and big big hugs to you sweet angel :-)