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Patience. The answers will come.

I know you will make it through this.

The beauty you see around you is the beauty you have within.

Stepping out the door can lead to everywhere.

The hard work of today will be rewarded.

With Love and Light.


Beloved Lightworker, where

Beloved Lightworker, where do these quotations come from? Who said them?
They certainly are true.

Dear, for such short quotations, please know you can put all of them in one post.

God bless you.

With love,


Beloved Gloria, Thank you so

Beloved Gloria,
Thank you so much for your observation. I m completely agree with you. Please I ask you kindly if you could delete the other four short forum topics called "Inspiration". I collected them into this topic. Many thanks!!!

With Love and Light.


La Unidad ha venido para quedarse.
Oneness has come to stay.

Ooops! Elisabeth, Gloria

Ooops! Elisabeth, Gloria beat me to it. Please ignore the message I sent you via email.

One Love