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Prayer for Healing an Addiction

Beloved God, Holy Spirit, and the Angels,
I know that addictive cravings are actually a craving for Divine love. Please help me feel that I am filled with Your ever-present love. I am willing to release any fears that would block me from the awareness of Your love. I ask you to clear away from me the beliefs, patterns, feelings, and thoughts that trigger my cravings. Please guide me to people, situations, and experiences that support my desire to live free of addictions. I surrender all my cravings to You, and ask for extra angels to surround me with the light of health and peace. Please help me now and always. Amen.

With Love and Light.


Hi Elizabeth...Thank you for

Hi Elizabeth...Thank you for your beautiful sharings here on this website. I am touched by your sincerity...I join you in your prayers...and that you may be free of all addictions. May love and peace be with you and percolate up through your heart to gently touch all areas of your life...and all of those you come in contact with. May yoou softly reveal the essence that you are, dear one...and your essence is love and peace. Many blessingsl...Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.