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#2571: See the Rainbow tranlation quesition

(as typed by Ted)


I am nearly finished with my first attempt in Tagalog with #2571.

What is meant by repercussions? is there another way to express this so I can get better idea the meaning?

Also, it is strange to talk in about someone and mention the word "dog" for us Filipinos. Is there something other than this Pavlov's dog, that I could use?

This is very interesting for me and I am very focused on doing this. Seems I can do more than just 2-3 per week.

Thank you Engin for welcoming message.

Hong Kong

Beloved Lea, that is so

Beloved Lea, that is so wonderful that you are feeling focused with translating Heavenletters. That's just how we would wish it to be.

And good that you are having questions. For one thing, it shows your conscientiousness.

First of all, the question about Pavlov's dog. You know your language and the connotations of words in your language. So in this line Your emotions are conditioned like Pavlov’s might want to just say: Your emotions are conditioned or possibly have been conditioned. Maybe that's enough. People will understand programming, yes?

You are just right to consider what will be comfortable to your readers.

"As you grow toward the light, you will have a different response to irritations than you do now. You will not be bounded to a certain response. You really won’t be bothered at all, even when you notice a bother. You will not have all the repercussions that you have been accustomed to. You will not call in the troops, as it were."

Repercussion would be all the ramifications and consequences of a situation, sort of like all the echoes that bounce off a situation. I hope someone can explain this better than I am right now.

Please always feel good to ask your questions.

God bless you, Lea, and Ted too for all his help.

With love,