Your Childhood

God said:

You think your childhood has everything to do with you. It has nothing to do with you. It is only on one level that childhood seems to keep you in tow, but you are a many-leveled Being.

And even on the level that childhood holds you in its thrall – on that level too – it is good for you to recognize that your childhood existed in order to be transcended. Your childhood is not to set the limits of you.

I do not say you have to forget it. I say you have to get beyond it. Your childhood is not meant to be a stake that pins you to the ground. Your childhood was a starting off place, that’s all. All of a life on Earth is a way-station, and your childhood is just one of them. You don’t have to stay there. There are other places to travel to and from.

Whatever you learned as a child that limits you, you can unlearn. It behooves you to unlearn. And whatever good you learned, even with that, let go. Keep the benefit, let that stay with you, and then let the longing you still hold for the sweetness of the past go on its way. Whatever was filled in your childhood, you move on from. What was unfulfilled you also move on from. This is so you move on in life.

No need to keep hunting for the lost pieces of your childhood. No need to fill the holes. Need to move on. Whatever was denied you is not necessary now. Whatever was denied you, give to a child you know or do not know. Bless your childhood by giving to one who is a child now. In this way you will improve your childhood. You will improve it by knowing that you are no longer that child. You are not lost now, and you do not need to be found.

Your childhood is no excuse for you now. Even if you had the grimmest childhood in the world, there is no need nor excuse to be grim now. You are responsible for yourself now. Your thorny childhood exists in your mind, beloveds, and you can change your mind.

If you did not have a beautiful childhood, give yourself a beautiful adulthood. Be good to yourself now by getting out of the past.

Why sit on a muddy curb out front of the palace when you can enter the palace? Let your adulthood be a golden palace. Let your childhood turn into gold. Your childhood may have been tarnished, but you don’t have to be.

Even your past lives are no excuse for the present one. Why dwell in them any more than you dwell in your childhood? What mystery of the past, far or near, must you solve? What cause and effect are you looking for? Look now for effect only, and make it so. Look not behind you to see where you are going.

What is it you want? Seek it in front of you. Seek what you desire. No longer draw a line from a cause to an effect. Simply run up to that which you desire.

When you receive a gift, you don’t have to know how you got it. You do not have to trace the postage. You do not have to track down the sender. All you have to do is to open it. It came to your house, perhaps, or you went to the post office to get it, and now it is yours. Retracing and trying to draw lines from A to B stultifies you in life. Never mind A. Go right to B. And to C and D. Keep going. Pick up the pebbles that have been left for you to find your way. Keep going forward, and hop, skip, and jump.