A Legate of God

God said:

Your picture of yourself has to change. You have to change it. Change your picture of yourself and make it more current.

Others drew pictures of you, but now you can draw your own. Do you agree that you need a new picture of yourself?

Draw a new picture in your mind. You have a big canvas to draw yourself on. Make light lines to surround you so that the lines can expand and not keep you locked in. Then fill your picture with new colors. If you do not have gold crayons, get some.

Also describe yourself with new words. Look for them deep in your soul. Isn’t it about time you appreciated yourself?

Your perception of yourself has been faulty. You have downplayed yourself. You certainly haven’t honored yourself. Honor yourself now with a new portrait. Be the camera that takes your picture. Then hang it high in your mind so you always remember who you are now in terms of the world, and Who you are always.

This is the opposite of ego. When you know your full height, there is no place for ego. There is no thought of ego. When you give yourself your due, you are honoring Me. It is I you think of. Whatever you do, you do for Me. When you take care of your baby, you are doing it for Me. When you drive your car, you are doing it for Me. Wherever you are driving, you are driving there for Me. Whomever you are speaking to, you are speaking for Me. I am what you keep in mind. We have a Holy Alliance, you and I. We are not at opposite ends of the pole. There is no pole to be on the opposite ends of.

You are here on Earth to honor Me. There is nothing else to do. You might as well know this. All the things you may have been running after are phantoms. I, the Invisible, AM, and I am all there is. You are an image of Me. Therefore, you represent Me.

When you know that you are solely on Earth to do for Me, your picture of yourself has to change. Immediately you feel yourself moving closer to Me. You move closer to be nearer to Me for the joy and also to hear better what I whisper in your ear. As a confidante of God, how can you continue to think paltry things about yourself? You are My Chosen, so now acknowledge yourself to yourself. No one else needs to know. You need to know. You need to know the boundlessness of Our love.

There is not any situation where you cannot call forth Our love. You are a High Being, a legate of God. Your position is official. It has My seal of approval. Do you need someone else’s? Is there someone you appoint mightier than I?

You are My might in practice. You spar on My behalf on Earth. You walk across the game board of life. You are in My hand, and yet you are the player. You call the shots, and you roll the dice. There can be no winning nor losing because you play for Me. If there is all winning, there cannot be losing, nor the concept of winning.

There can be the concept of giving and of receiving. I ask you to give on My behalf and I also ask you to receive on My behalf. All the gifts given to you are given to Me. You hold them in your hand for a moment, and then you pass them on in tribute to Me.