You Don’t Need This

God said:

Anger is ego’s henchman. Whenever you are angry, know that ego is at play. Anger is a by-product of ego. Whether your anger is justified or not, anger itself is a representative of ego. Anger doesn’t let you think. Anger not only surmounts the heart, it also surmounts the mind. Anger takes over, and you see red. Red is the color of anger. Red-hot is anger’s temperature.

Anger makes you weak. The strongest anger makes you weak. Anger gives off steam. It is hot air. Anger is a waste. You can live longer without anger. You can address issues without anger and get further.

Anger is never justified. Don’t look for examples to prove Me wrong. Anger is never justified because anger is inefficient. You run around with your head cut off when you are angry. You are the headless horseman. When you are angry, you are dissipated.

What makes you red with anger is your ego. It prompts you. It says you are right to be angry, that you have to be angry, that for your self-respect, you have to be angry, that because you are right and someone else is wrong, you have to be angry. Ego says you have to fly off the handle in order to be dignified. Every time. That is ego’s nonsense. You see how ego makes you lose your head.

Whatever anger can accomplish, calmness can accomplish better. Here’s the thing: Anger is not necessary. It is self-destructive. Anger jams up the works. Anger makes a situation worse, not better.

I know it is said that it is good for you to vent. It is good for you to recognize your anger and cool off. You don’t have to pretend your anger away. You can cool it. You can then deal with the situation faster, better, without anger shaking its fists.

What makes you angry, beloveds? By and large, someone affronted your ego. By and large, this is the case. By and large, anger comes from your not getting your way. Anger is really insolent. It is insolent to another. You can do better without anger.

Have you seen a mother at the supermarket blow her stack at her two-year old? That’s what you look like when you blow your stack. When you see a two-year old have a tantrum, that’s what you look like too. What do you think makes you different? When you are irate, you are irate, and it is not pretty.

You do not have to accrue your anger. Acknowledge that you have it and say goodbye to it. Then look at the situation you hold responsible for your anger and consider how to resolve the situation. I don’t want you angry, and I also don’t want you unilaterally swallowing your anger. When someone has stepped on your toes, you can bring it up with the one who stepped on your toes in the cool light of day. Without anger, you look at the inciting event, and it is no longer huge. The fire has gone out of it. It is your temporary anger that has gone out.

Remind yourself once again that your anger comes from an inciter within you, and is not really the responsibility of the one or ones you attribute your anger to. They were the stimulus. Their thoughtlessness or their own anger rubbed you the wrong way. Undoubtedly, they have restored to life an old wound, perhaps one forgotten. Heal it now so it does not disrupt your life again. Haven’t you had enough anger? Surely, you don’t want to repeat it.

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We don't choose to feel what

We don't choose to feel what we feel in the moment.
We do choose how to deal with that feeling. We are trained from infancy how to deal with the feeling of anger.
Anger is one of our teachers. It needs to be thought about as a teacher that loves us and wants us to be instructed by love and understanding.
Walk softly through your anger and let it instruct your understanding as to the cause.


Beautiful Dear George! A

Beautiful Dear George! Beautiful!

Beloved George, you are

Beloved George, you are back!

We sure want you strong and healthy and to share your love here with us.

Thank God! And how happy God has made us.

Love, Gloria