You Are God's Light

God said:

Everyone has a role to fulfill. Everyone has a spiritual goal to fulfill. Spiritual may have a different meaning from what you think. Spiritual is not separate from worldly life. It isn't something else. It isn't another track to run on. You who are spirit are already leading a spiritual life. And all on earth are spirit. You were made in My image. This means you reflect Me. You can't help it.

I wonder what would happen on earth if everyone accepted that they are the Spiritual Beings they are.

Beloveds, you have been so taught that you are a body — mind and heart mere appurtenances, sometimes exalted but not much. You are most often known by your body and by a sound identified as your name. Next to the exaltation of your individuality, why, spirit has often been downplayed or outright derailed, relegated to certain buildings where certain rites are performed, as if your spirit were an oversight, or add-on, or even myth.

I do not ask you to talk in a special solemn tone especially for Me. I do not ask you to say certain words, parentheses to your regular life. I do not ask you to behave differently when you think you are in My Presence. You are always in My Presence anyway. You are never out of it. Is this not a good thing?

Beloveds, life is your rite. Life is your spiritual exaltation. Spiritual life exists on earth. Wherever you are, you are living a spiritual life. The physical is a carrier of the spiritual. Spiritual is your mainstay. Physical is fleeting. Its importance is temporary. Its influence is temporary. And yet, while you exist in a physical body, you feel as if your body were yours forever, and your spirit of not much consequence to life on earth as it is. Besides, you hardly have time, you say, showing that you think spiritual life is outside the framework of everyday life.

Must the spiritual side of life be considered heavy? I do not ask you to do penance. I do not ask you to apologize or atone for living your life on earth the best you know how at any given moment. I am not asking you to interrupt your life or put it on hold. I am asking you to continue your life knowing that you are a Being of Light.

You are more Spirit than you are physical. This is not advice. It is a statement of fact. It is not your body that is made in My image!

It is not an aside to recognize that you are a Being of Spirit. You don't have to tell yourself that your body is encased in skin or that you have toes. It is a given. And that spirit exists lively within you and everyone else is also a given. You don't have to take special steps to reach spirituality. You already have it. You are it!

You don't have to go anywhere. All that has to grow is your awareness. Growing your awareness of your spirituality is simply turning on a light that is there to be turned on. Your awareness is Light. When you light up, you are in touch with your spirituality.

Spirituality is not even a side of you. It is you. It is the real you. Your body is a physical manifestation to house you, but it is not you. Your body is a convenience on earth. Do not think of it as an encumbrance. It isn't much at all. But you, you on the other hand, are everything. You are significance itself. You are My Child that I brought forth to shine the Light of Heaven on earth. So shine. Wherever you are, wherever you go, remember you are God's Light. In a gym or on a roof, you are My Light. Awake or asleep, you are My Light. So be it.