The Floodgates of Love

God said:

You have ideas about love. Love doesn't need your ideas. Love cannot be reduced to your descriptions of it. What occurs on the surface of life is extraneous to love. Of course, you thought that surface expression was what love was about. But, whatever goes on with love on the surface of life is but an inkling.

You Are God's Light

God said:

Everyone has a role to fulfill. Everyone has a spiritual goal to fulfill. Spiritual may have a different meaning from what you think. Spiritual is not separate from worldly life. It isn't something else. It isn't another track to run on. You who are spirit are already leading a spiritual life. And all on earth are spirit. You were made in My image. This means you reflect Me. You can't help it.

I wonder what would happen on earth if everyone accepted that they are the Spiritual Beings they are.

You Are Oneness Supreme

God said:

Every Human Being is unique. A Human Being is Oneness personified and personalized, Oneness made unique, Oneness with opinions and points of view perhaps unlike any other. And, still, even so, there is Oneness. There is the union of Oneness regardless of any opposing views. There is no one way. There are myriads of ways, and yet, still there is Oneness. This is hard to assimilate.

An Awareness So Brilliant

God said:

What if it is true that I am really contained in everything around you? What if I am really in every object and every picture of every object? What if I am really in you? If I am in everything you look at, I am contained in you who is the looker as well.

What if there is actually nothing out there for you to look at, and it is your own reflection you see through your eyes? What if everything is you?

What if you are out there and in there, that you are the inside that can also be seen outside? What if you could look within and see the heart and soul of you and find Me there?

Your Flight to Greatness

God said:

Without your prescribed boundaries, you feel that you are flying blind. And that is exactly what you must do. You can only fly blind. Any parameters you put down are interference. The fact is that you fly blind anyway. You write down these little mooring places and think that means you know where you are going. You don't even know where you have been, My children.

You fly blind, or it is not flying. Flying by the stars, that is another thing. But you have to know the wisdom of the stars in order to rely on them.

The Boundless Does Not Have Boundaries

God said:

What do you think you are doing now but removing boundaries? Do you think there is another way to get to the boundless? How do you think you get to the boundless? Not by staying as you are. You have been waiting for everything to change but yourself. And all I say is that you must open your eyelids a little to see more, not to keep looking at what you have always seen, but to see what is right in front of you. Now that you are beginning to peek at the boundless, you fear you are seeing less, that something is being taken away from you, when in actuality, you are seeing more.

Longing for Heaven

God said:

Do you not sometimes feel suspended above Earth as though your arms reach to Heaven and you are off the ground? Then you are grounded in Heaven. You are grounded plenty on Earth. It's the physical that gets grounded and bounded to Earth. It's all right to let go of Earth sometimes. Stand on your hands or do cartwheels. You can trick gravity, beloveds. You can turn the world upside down.

The Tide of Love, Part II

God said:

You will do well to stop thinking of yourself as in need. You are in need of one thing only, and that is awareness. There is nothing else you need, for all has been given to you. Awake your awareness, and then you know who you are and what you encompass.

My children have had the habit of pointing at what they don't see and declaring it as their need, as if I overlooked one of you when I dispersed the contents of the earth. It is you who has overlooked what is in front of you, and, at the same time, looked not far enough.

The Game of Life

God said:

Nothing is what it seems because you have thought awry.

Things seem the way they seem because you have interpreted them, or have been taught to analyze them in a certain way. You have believed others' words more than what you see and feel. You have ignored what you feel. You have predicted what you will see. You have mandated what you will see. And you are afraid to break the chain.

When you do not color what you see, then you will see.

Maybe you have to close your eyes in order to see.

Beliefs Are Embedded Ideas

God said:

Fill yourself with My love.

Breathe it into you.

You fill your gas tank.

Now fill yourself with what is free and plentiful.

Invite Me in.

Invite My light to fill you.

Invite My light to course through you.

Invite My light to conduct you.

You cannot get too much of My light.

Keep getting enough.

Instead of breathing in anger and dismay, breathe in My love.

Draw to you awareness of My love.

If My love is too much for you to absorb, then take in My energy.

Drink it.

Drink My energy.

Everyone wants more energy.

Energy is light.

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