You Are Finding Out What Matters

God said:

In life on Earth, the person you think you are learns what is important, not what you may have thought is important but rather what you come to find out is important. You are finding out what matters. Time and time again, you find out what matters.

Everything serves a purpose. Your shiny new car serves a purpose. The place where you live serves a purpose. You call the place where you live your home. You live there, yet it is not your home. You have a home that you take with you wherever you go and by whatever means you travel, by foot or by bus, by sea or by air. Where I am is your home. The worldly home is but a shelter. A place to live and a car to drive are not the necessities you have thought. They are, indeed, convenient, yet conveniences are only conveniences.

Much of the extant world spends its time on decoration. That’s true, isn’t it? Rings on your fingers, bells on your toes. A tattoo here, and sparkles there. A new suit, a new color lipstick. Even sometimes new people in your life are like a decoration.

Much of the extant world spends its time on reporting. You, too. You spend much of life to say you went on a cruise, went to a baseball game, went swimming, what fine restaurant you ate in and what you ate, what store you went to, what you bought and how someone else admired it, what movie you saw, what TV show. You also spend time and energy on reporting your hurts and the injustices of the world. Instead of the word reporting, We could say bragging. Why do you think you need to brag? What is the great feat you have done? All buying a new suit takes is money. What exactly have you done but spend some money? Anyone can do it. A purchase is only a purchase.

All of this is part of life, and rightfully part of life. This Heavenletter is just to say that, although all these matters may be paramount in your life, all these matters do not have the importance the world says they do and that you give to them.

Of course, you are going to fix the roof on your house. Of course, you will buy a table cloth for your table. Of course, you will buy new clothes. Yet most of this is window-dressing. Most of this keeps you on the surface of life and away from the innermost.

As you may have guessed, I ask you to spend more time on love to and fro. What did you do today with thoughts of someone else in mind? What gift did you give? What smile, earned or unearned? What blessing did you share with the world today? Yes, of course, I want you to make the world a better place for man to inhabit. A better place in consciousness. I say, let’s raise the spirits of the world. Let’s lift the world to the Highest Heaven. Let’s make life on Earth easier for another. That’s all it takes.

As there is more love given and received, there is more light shining on the world, and the world becomes light. The world becomes the bright light of day, and it also weighs less. As the world weighs less, it rises to Heaven. A balloon rises. Why not Earth?

Today your assignment is to uplift one person on Earth. Your assignment is to make life on Earth even a little bit better for someone. If someone is pushing a plow, maybe you put your shoulder to the plow too.

Or swing your child high and love and love and love. Surprise someone, and surprise yourself.

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What gift did you give?

What blessing did you share with the world today? Yes, of course, I want you to make the world a better place for man to inhabit. A better place in consciousness. I say, let’s raise the spirits of the world.

I really love this Heavenletter.

Good morning to all


I was specialy taken with todays H.L. As we are going on Holyday I decided to go with a smiling face. As you all know a snile is very contagious. Going on holydays and looking at Gods creations in another part of thr country is also a reason to smile.Shortly the sun will be up and God smiles at me. Yippeeeee!!!!! Almost Daylight and time to walk the dog. Love to you all and a big smiling Hug Jack

Love to you Jack, wishing

Love to you Jack, wishing you and your family a most wonderful holiday.



Today you strongly suggest we make Life a little easier for someone, for the world. My favorite line in YOUR LETTER TODAY is: "As more Love is shared in the world, the LIghter the world becomes, weighs less and then rises to heaven." !!!
Surely, that's true,, so I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE LIFE ON EARTH A LITTLE EASIER ON ANOTHER AND ANOTHER. AS YOU SAY, THAT'S REALLY ALL IT TAKES. How lovely to think of the World as light as a balloon !!! That's what we're here for.

LOVINGLY SURPRISING SOMEONE TODAY. . And thus surprising myself !!! I LOVE YOU, GOD.

Mary Moon knows about loves song.

Mary your words sing your story so well.


"Surprised by Joy" tells what A great author thought of death!

Heaven Letters tells us over and over how to react to love.


When I uplift someone else, it uplifts me...

I love, love, love this reminder about what is really important. I've been moving through many layers in the last few years, and early this morning I felt "moved" to write a nice letter to my former husband of many years ago (father of my children) to tell him that after all those years of being so angry with him, I wanted him to know I'm no longer angry. I acknowledged the good things in our time together and apologized for my part in troubles. I wished him and his wife all the best and as I prepared to drop it in the mailbox, I prayed "Please let this letter be delivered with forgiveness, compassion, healing and love. I felt a billion pounds lighter just realizing that I've reached that point and I credit learning more and more about what would please God, the Father.

Thank you for your wonderful part in my journey towards healing and wholeness.

This is so beautiful. You

This is so beautiful. You came to this point. So much happiness on all sides will surround this.You made me happy as well.