Yes, God!

God said:

I am the Nothingness from which everything comes. And I am the Everythingness. And you are an embodiment of Me. I am embodied in you. I Who have no physical form exist within you. You could not have come into your existence (My Existence) without My breath upon you.

What is My breath but the absence of everything but love?

I breathed love into you, My love, gave it to you so you could embark on a journey through the journey called life. Your own journey. No one else's. Yours. All journeying the same, and none alike.

You walk along a garden path, and there are flowers to pick. But you cannot pick them all. You can only pick some.

And there are flowers that bend toward you and long for you to pick them. They call to you, as it were, yet you are the picker. You are the chooser of the flowers you take into your hand. But you take all of them into your heart.

Once your eye has glanced over them, they have become yours. Or you have become theirs. Which is it? And what does it matter?

What matters is the exchange of love. It is not bartered. It is given. It can only be given. It can only be received. It can only be.

And that is what you are, a be-er, a be-ing, a beauty, a beam, a beam of beauty, a being of light.

You are Mine, and what is Mine can only be of Truth, and the Truth is Light.

You are My belighted, My beloved, My being. You are My Human Being. Human being-ness is My Being, My Being in the form of a human, My Being packed and sent to Earth to be on Earth for Me, to beam on Earth for Me. It is all for Me. Therefore, it is all for you.

I am certainly for you. You have Me. I chose you long ago, and that means then that you picked Me long ago. Our eyes met. Love was exchanged, was given fully, was received fully, and We became One. From One came One. One became a Manifested One. The Manifester manifested, and you are My manifestation. That means I made you. You already know that.

I made you, and I made you Mine. What I make is Mine.

You are My utterance.

You are the beam of My eye on Earth.

You are My beatitude.

You are My Godling.

From God came you.

You are My issuance.

The acorn does not fall far from the tree.

That is what you don't believe.

You believe you are something defective.

You believe you were ejected.

You believe you were a mistake, misformed, misladen.

I have told you that you must change your beliefs.

Change them now.

Honor Me.

Honor My creation.

Stop creeping on earth.

You are where you are supposed to be. But you are not meant to be compacted. You are meant to stand straight and tall and proclaim your Authorship.

Are you ashamed of Me?

Do you feel that if you are misshapen, then must I so also be?

But you are not misshapen, and nor am I.

I fathered the rose. I fathered the many lights in the sky. I fathered the risings of the seasons and the waves of the hills. I fathered the wind to blow and to blow the oceans and to connect the Moon. And I fathered you.

I gave the Sun My light, and I gave it to you.

Carry My light proudly. You are a Child of God. You are none other. You are My heartlight on Earth, and My light in you shines with or without your say-so. Don't say maybe. Don't say perhaps. Don't say okay. Say, "Yes, God, I am Your light!"

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"Yes, God, I am Your

"Yes, God, I am Your light!"

Love and Light :)