Wholeness on Behalf of the Universe

God said:

Beloved, where are you going? What journey are you on? This time around for you isn’t likely your first time around, yet who knows and how significant is a question anyway? There are more meaningful matters than curiosity or stealth to account for.

There is Love Abundant. There is Love Abiding. There is Love known to stir your heart on My Behalf and on behalf of the Universe and also on behalf of yourself and others as well.

Of course, generally speaking, you are curious beyond measure – the Oneness that is referred to as You My Beloved, you at this moment. You don’t have to be curious. It isn’t a necessity, nor is curiosity a strike against you. At the same time, your curiosity doesn’t have to be answered right and left. Please understand your place in the Universe.

Beloved One, You are the One Divinity that I Am, yet only in one sense. You have no right to take over others’ lives as I do. In one sense, you are a mixed bag, and why not? Who says you can only be one way or the other? I say you are the same Oneness as I am. None other than I. I say you are Truth. I speak Truth once and for all. What can I possibly say but the One Truth which is to say that you are My way fully-blessed in My Heart, inseparable from Me, never severed.

You are on the adventure of your life no matter how many times you have been here on Earth with Me. Numbers are not of supreme importance. Important are you. Where are you going?

It is certain that you find yourself alive in this round on Earth. Anyway, the long and the short of it is Infinity, which means Oneness here and anon. Infinite am I. Infinite are you. There is nothing to make of this but that Oneness rides on a trolly. This is hard for you to wrap around what you refer to as your mind, true?

Ah, but your heart! Your heart is another story. You and love and I are One. There is no getting away from this. True love exists. One heart beats. One hearts beats as One. Your Self is the object of all you seek. There are not two. Separation is an impossibility.

There is One Name alone that can be answered to. The Same Name only be. Within, Oneness is included. It isn’t that two can be stuffed in storage, in a closet or in an attic or a cellar or garage. Not at all. Aloneness is not a consideration you are to argue or question with Me. It cannot be said that there are two of Us existing on the same strata. Supposition is off-center. You are not a match game, for you are the real thing. I say you are the real thing, and you are not to argue debates with God, and yet, I, God, say you are One with My Self. You are the Supreme lying low. You are not really small potatoes. You are the real thing. Nor are you to take over anyone else’s life as if it is your free range. You are not a masquerade. You are caught up at the top of the mountain with Me, I, God Eternal.

Discern your own life, make no mistake. Take over no one else’s life, because you are not to trespass. This holds his own place. To each his own.

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Dear Gloria,
This is the last HL, March 12. What happens?
Someone can tell me?
I am missing them very much.
Be Happy!

Dear Herminio, I think

Dear Herminio,

I think Gloria is getting well, I certainly hope so.
I emailed her and got a response from one of her friends.
Heavenletters are currently not being written.

Let’s pray for Gloria that she may be healed and feel well again.



Dear Apollo,
Thank you for your EMail.
Do you have any news about Gloria?
Please tell me.
My best regards.
Be Happy!

Also wondering same. Without

Also wondering same. Without ending.

God letter titled “Wholeness on behalf of the Universe”

I am a regular subscriber to Heavenletters and have been receiving your content for several months now. I wish you to thank you all sincerely for receiving these God’s Blessings!!
But lately I have been noticing the same Letter #6620 being sent to my mail ie Titled “Wholeness”.
It’s been repeatedly sent for past several times now so wondering if it’s a server error and wished to inform you about the same so that it may be remedied. Loving regards!!

I Hope everything is doing

I Hope everything is doing well for Gloria, I send my best thoughts
All is full of love.

Please tell Gloria

Please tell Gloria that we love her and appreciate all the years of dedication she gave to writing the daily HeavenLetters.

Ii know that many of us would appreciate an update on how she is doing.


Amen. We must act together as a community and feel for each other. We all need to take care - of all the people, of life, of our planet. Don't be indifferent to the insensitivity of others. Talk to them, make them understand, that they cannot be selfish. People need others help. We all are one.


We are the One expressing as many.

I use the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator

or look in the Archives for something that speaks to me.

Hi Serenity Joy...

Thank you for your loving presence,,,,


I thank you for your response.

Dearest Gloria, just to

Dearest Gloria,

just to say that I really really love you so very very much. love that can't find the right words to be expressed. I thank God for the blessing of taking you to Italy so that I could attend the Godwriting workshop. A most amazing and special moment in my heart.

infinite Love and biggest hugs.


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