On with the New

God said:

Beloved, harken to the NEW! Add the word NEW to your vocabulary. Be new. Ah, yes, release the old. The fact is that you are new today. You are intended to be a breath of fresh air. Reach new heights. Reach new lengths. Introduce your Self to yourself. Bypass the old. Don’t get stuck in the old as if yesterday were tar stuck to your shoes. Beckon the new.

See differently. Make a point of it. Add new dimensions to your life.

There are no NEW Truths. There are, however, truths new to you! That’s fine. You are here to grow. Growing means you dare to change.

Life in the world is ever new, not to be reheated.

Today is a new day. Today doesn’t come twice. You are not here to fool around with yesterday.

There is no same old. Never. On each day, you are to be new. This is another way of My saying to you: “Wake up, Godlings! A new dawn is dawning. Newness is upon you. Remind yourself that you are in the midst of life. Somersault yourself into today. This is your chance right now. Today, spin cartwheels, and why not?"

You belong to today. Be unattached. Stretch! You are not to keep sitting in life. Get out of that old comfortable chair. Keep lively. So long as you are alive on Earth, greet life. Make something new of life. Welcome life, and give today a new send-off.

Do you remember the story of The Three Little Pigs? They set off to seek their fortune. Each little pig put a knapsack over his shoulder and set off. The three little pigs didn’t lollygaggle around and wait for their fortune to set sail the same way as yesterday.

Forward yourself. Get-up-and-go. You are not obliged to sit around in life and idly wait for a new day to dawn. Set off for a new day.

May your anticipation awaken the sun today. The sun is supposed to shine. The sun is meant to shine. I tell you up front that change is the name of the game.

Right now, I wish to carry forward the idea of liveliness – of moving forward to something new – of a new-daring story that isn’t about fear. Comfort isn’t the name of your ride. It never was.

You are here on Earth for adventure. Staid stability is old school. Wake up! You are current and not to be rehashed from yesterday. You are alive today.

In the tale of The Three Little Pigs, ah, there is a big bad wolf. Please don’t put so much of your attention on the big bad wolf. Move forward. Think of Me instead of opposing change. Don’t latch down life.

The three little pigs start off on their right foot as they seek their fortune. What a difference there is between seeking good fortune and keeping your eye on danger. Of course, look both ways when you cross the street. No one is telling you to be foolhardy.

One little pig built a house of straw, another of twigs, and one pig built a house of brick, which happened to protect all three pigs and lead to the demise of the big bad wolf.

I say: Venture forth to seek your good fortune. So much for the idea of pushing fear aside. Fear doesn’t have to lurk around every corner. Follow My guidance, will you? Don’t batten down the hatches.

Danger does not have to be so hail and hardy and rambunctious as the world seems to say it is. You don't have to hang on so tight.

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To be awake

It is interesting to be in this neutral state. It's as if people fear it. An unstable wakened mind.

Having a happy mind set, so my neutral mind set doesn't attract the unwanted due to yeears of enjoying the chaos, or rather laughing at it.

Almost afraid to go to sleep due to old habit haha.
I have becoming lucid in my dreams and that is fun. More of that I want. Lucid dreams. Cool to see different things.


It sounds like you are

It sounds like you are HAPPY!


sacred choices

To Live in the NOW means I get another scared choice to begin again each time I forget and project into the past that is behind me or a future that has not yet arrived. I AM kind and gentle with my reminders and I know in my Sacred Heart that so called mistakes are actually learning opportunities. I AM grateful that fear does not have to lurk around every corner. I go into my Still place and I patiently wait knowing the loving guidance that I seek will respond with Love to me.