Where Is God?

God said:

Remember that I am personal to you. How else can you come close to Me? Not impersonally. You can know a lot about someone, or Me, from others, but you want to know for yourself. You want a sighting that is yours. You want a hearing that is yours. You want to taste for yourself. You want your heart touched. You don't just want to hear what others have to say. You don't want to take My existence solely on somebody's word. When I am based on hearsay, you may have intellectual understanding, but intellect takes you only so far, and then you are left out, on left field, as it were.

That others have visited with Me is nice, but you want your own visit. That others have seen Heaven is admirable, but when is it your turn? When do you see for yourself?

You know that I am beyond the five senses. Reference to Me is also beyond the senses. Perhaps We can say, you experience Me deep within the senses. There is a sense of something when you draw close to Me, but you know that I am not physical and the sense of Me is then other than physical. And you are a manifestation of the physical only so long as you are in physical form, but you are not the physical either.

The intellect and the physical can take you only so far. And they may get in the way of your knowing Me firsthand, of your awareness of Me firsthand.

Words can only express so much. They cannot express Me. You who are My thought can only think so far about Me, for I am, of course, beyond thought. When you have conscious awareness of Me, you have a sort of memory that I was there in a space where there was no thought but where there was light, and afterwards you have the thought that We were in touch in some special lighted place of being.

Some know Me as a feeling, as an exhaling sigh. You cannot quite remember the inhale, but you know you breathed Me in.

Some feel Me on their skin as a cooling breeze that blew on them.

It matters not how you feel aware of Me. But it matters that you do.

Now here's the thing. It is hard to notice that which is always with you. I am always with you. Truly you have no contrast with which to know Me.

When you think you are without Me, most likely you have been looking too far afield. You have been looking for an outward manifestation of Me. Perhaps you have been looking for what is called a miracle.

You expect Me to arrive in a blinding light. You expect your whole being to be transformed and that you will never return to life as it was. You expect you will see auras and know all the answers to life and never be muddled again. Once knowing Me for yourself, you expect fulfillment of all your preconceived ideas.

Get rid of your preconceived ideas, and you will know that you know Me.

I am casual. I am not an announced event. I am a quiet Accompanier of you. I am a constant Companion Who resides within you. You cannot take a breath without Me.

See what happens when you consider that I am always close to you rather than far away. See what happens when you consider that I am One Who gazes at you, that I am One Who longs even for a mere glance from you.

Consider Me rather than yourself.

Consider what I want, and I want you to come closer to Me. I cannot come closer to you. I am as close as close itself. But you can turn your awareness more closely to Me, and then you will begin to know Me in the very fiber of your being. Our breaths touch. Our consciousnesses meld as in water. And then, Whom do you come to know? Me, or you?

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Our breaths touch
Once knowing Me for yourself
In your awareness

Love, Light and Aloha!


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