What Is Greatness?

God said:

Consider this bygone year as a shower you take that washes you clean. And so you step out of the shower of 2001 into the clean clothes of 2002.

The year is not new. It just has another name, a number beside it. But you are new. The New Year heralds a new you.

What is a year without you? Can it even exist without you? Surely it would not be named, and it would not be celebrated.

This fiction of New Year is basically the truth. There is only newness. Last year is a stubbed-out cigarette ash, and this year is lit anew.

But yearness is arbitrary. Todayness exists. Every day is a new roll of the universe. Every hour, every minute. There is only newness before you.

Don't drag your feet. Keep up. It is easier to keep up than to drag your feet, but you have thought otherwise. You have thought it your function to hold on for dear life, but your function is to let go. Out with the old, and on with the new is telling you truth. Embrace life, not the embers of it.

Each day needs to be taken note of. Each day is more important than the one before. No day is to slip past you. You are to enter each day of Human life and make of it what you will. Every day is your birthday, and the world's. You are the circumference of the world.

Every day is a new day.

And each day you are a new you.

You are the phoenix who rises from the ashes of yesterday.

You are a humming bird who drinks the sweet nectar and spreads the flower seeds for others to partake of. You are the eagle who flies high and seeks out what to notice. You are the bird of paradise that grows from the earth up to Heaven, and so you proclaim it.

The earth nourishes you, and you nourish the earth.

You are a growing shoot from earth. You are enchanting, how your leaves bend and move and curve and cast shades of light. You are ever growing upward, and you grow stronger. The inner essence of you reveals itself.

Take this new day, and blazon it forth.

Listen to it, and reveal it.

Spread this day before you, not as a map you study and roll up, but as a field you walk in and enjoy for its revealment of you.

If life is a dream, then all aspects are you. It has to be so. And you are not static. You move. You rest in My arms, and you walk on earth. The walk on earth is the dream. Your walk on earth is a ribbon of you rolling out for joy, perambulating the earth, unfolding on the earth. You are endless, and the undulating ribbon of your life tells you that. Unfurl yourself. Clamber to the horizon. It is yours.

The horizon before you is the new day. It is many-colored, and it is many-dimensioned. It is not one dimensioned. The horizon symbolizes you, for you are much more than you appear to be, and you are much more than you see.

Each drop of world life is yourself thrown to the winds. Each inanity in life is yourself tossed and yourself caught, and yet yourself is more than the apparent toss. Do not look so much for meaning in the world. Look for meaning in you, for it is you who is meant to surpass the world.

Despite everything, there is greatness. And what is greatness but surpassing the limits set by the world?

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said to notice
What is a year without you
For you are endless

Love, Light, and Aloha!


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