What Makes You Happy?

God said:

To thine own heart be true. Where does your heart leap to? And where does it fall down from?

And, yet, do not jump to conclusions as to where your happiness lies. Give yourself breathing space. Find the level of your heart. Where does it like to be? If your heart were a bird, what tree does it like to sit on? What note does it like to sing?

Deeper than deep, where does your heart's happiness lie?

We are talking of what is beyond ice cream and a ripe juicy peach. We are talking beyond what you want to do today or enjoyed last week. We are looking for your common denominator.

Sometimes you can get there by thinking of what does not give you happiness, yet taking the direction of what does give you happiness is a lovelier ride. From what does happiness flow to you? How I would love to see you happy.

Sometimes what you think will make you happy does not. Sometimes it seems that nothing will make you happy. And there are times when everything makes you happy. Even looking at a picture makes you happy. Or reading My words gives you happiness, or, at least, a piece of happiness.

What makes you happy? We are speaking beyond words now. What is it really that makes you happy? We are not looking for platitudes. We are not really looking at answers. We know about the value of love and serving. We are not looking for words here right now. Enough of words.

We are looking for the trail that leads to your happiness. We know enough of trails that have not. Must happiness be so elusive?

Let your heart be a bloodhound that finds its way. We are looking to find where your heart belongs.

Yes, life teaches that happiness is not outside us, and yet you can locate your happiness. Where does your heart most like to be? Not just at first glance. What is the underlying route to your happiness? Again, the answer is not in words or tenets.

It is not in career or wealth. They serve. They really are wonderful, and yet they are not enough. Career and wealth sound like ego words.

Of course, you have heard the theory of being happy whatever you are doing, and yet that is not always the case. Yes, it is well and good to enjoy the well of life. It is certainly advisable to enjoy washing dishes and to enjoy whatever you are doing. Yes, that is ideal. And, yet, wherein lies your happiness?

Yes, your happiness lies in Me, and yet that is not what I am asking. I know you enjoy Our talks. And yet what is the current of the river that brings out the happiness that is within you?

Maybe you can do happiness only one day at a time. And, if in this moment, you have happiness, what a wonderful thing. What a wonderful thing is happiness. You are supposed to have it instead of all the other ramparts of life you have had. Join with happiness today, and ask it to stay. Yes, of course, you deserve happiness. Where does it lie deeply for you?

What will you do today that gives you happiness? You must do it, beloveds. Give yourself a day where you give yourself happiness. Of course, you are not waiting for the world to come to give you happiness, scrub your back, give you a manicure, a massage or a pair of new shoes. There is something to do for yourself that will lead to happiness today, and it is for you to do. And, if it is ice cream that gives you happiness today, then have ice cream, and have it on Me.

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Not Necessary to find happiness

Not Necessary to find happiness. We do not have to specifically go looking for happiness, Always get to learn to enjoy life in the moment, no matter the moment is happy or unhappy, it is not important.


I think that NOTHING I do or think to be, can give me happiness. Happiness is the nature of God within me.

Therefore, the expression of God´s nature is happiness.

I believe that this is one of the best revelations for freedom and perfect living.

Be happy!

Is happiness loving everything in life?
Like enjoyment of ice cream.
And then, enjoying it when you don't have ice cream, too.
Be happy, whatever.

Much happiness,

"And, if it is ice cream

"And, if it is ice cream that gives you happiness today, then have ice cream, and have it on Me."

Your love makes us Happy Dear Father. Sharing your love brings us happiness. Spreading your Love brings us happiness. Eating icecream with Love brings us happiness. Eathing icecream with you... Brings us Divine Happiness.

With Great Love

yours in love and service

"Deeper than deep, where

"Deeper than deep, where does your heart's happiness lie?

...last week. We are looking for your common denominator. "

I love this. This sounds like exactly how I would define universal spirituality, a definition a group of us have been trying to find for a project we're working on.

Universal spirituality: The aligned eternal happiness in our hearts, beyond the world and words, that forms from our one common denominator, God.

I love the closing of this Heavenletter: "And, if it is ice cream that gives you happiness today, then have ice cream, and have it on Me."

Guess who's having a chocolate & dulce de leche combo today!

Three guesses! You, you, and

Three guesses! You, you, and you! Enjoy!

Happiness is of FEELINGS, Joy is of Being.

Plant seeds each moment that become the garden of your joy. The Joy of the Lord is your strength. Read each Heaven Letter with a "high lighter" and mark the passages that make you long to know who you are and who you have always been. Seek to know each moment of now because that's were you live your presence, your consciousness, your "hereness" and it is always the place where you are in Life's moment of NOW. Come, run with me.


Planting seeds

I love planting seeds, George. All I have to do is plant them and the heavens will water them and the sun will help them grow. Great advice, as always, my wonderful friend.



What makes me Happy. My beloved wife, you gave me 55 years ago, dear God and the children and grandchildren you gave me. The place you helped me to find here in Paradise makes me happy.. Now come to think of it everything received and given makes me happy, The best of all is knowing You GOD are behind all my happy feelings. Love you all Jack

Hmmmm, ice cream

And, if it is ice cream that gives you happiness today, then have ice cream, and have it on Me. I love this. Reminds me of Emilia ;-)

Remembering me

The nice girl, she passed away today, at the top of her happiness, after a scrub, a massage, a manicure, a pair of new shoes (actually black suede boots) and a chocolate ice cream in her hands, oh, what a beautiful end.

heart on

let your heart make up your mind
figure out what your chocolate ice cream is

Let your heart make up your

Let your heart make up your mind. Oh, yes, always.

Yes. Let it be and thank you

Yes. Let it be and thank you for this word.

figuring it out

Since when each day dies I die with it, here I am again, trying to figure out Bernie's words ( always a challenge for me)...a chocolate ice cream...what could it be...my heart says "God is all there is", but, then, can I lick it?


You Already Have God-Being
You Already Have God-Awareness)
You Already Have God-Bliss
Remember & Be Happy!

I AM Happy to Receive This Heaven Letter from God, Who Is My Self! Thanks to U, Gloria, the Divine Courier!