We Are Love Itself

God said:

Truth be known, you are My love. You make My sun to shine. It shines on you.

Be the receiver of it.

That's all. Bask in the Sun of God. Be warmed. Be brought closer to the Sun.

The Sun seeks you out.

It finds you.

Wherever you are.

It never leaves you.

Ask for whom the Sun shines. It shines for you.

You attract the Sun.

You bring it closer to Earth.

You beckon the Sun to you.

Who calls first?

Our voices sing together.

There is no first. There is no second. There is no last. It is mutual.

It is a mutual song We sing.

It is Our nature to sing.

The Sun shines.

And what the Sun shines on also shines.

Open your face to the Sun!

Lift your eyes high so that they may see!

I pluck the strings of your heart, and you pluck Mine.

We do not know the difference.

There is no difference.

Come closer to Me, and then I am closer to you.

I sing to Myself.

I sing in your throat.

I whisper in your ear, and I hear the echo.

We become the breeze.

We are the juice on the vine.

We drink to Ourselves.

We dance on high.

We beat the drums of Our heart.

We signal to Each Other.

We slip into Each Other's love.

We love.

We are love on Earth and in Heaven.

You are the necklace I wear.

I wear you close to My heart.

You are My rosary beads.

I count you.

I bless you with My fingers.

I extol you.

Recognize Me.

Recognize the love in your heart.

Recognize My inalterable love.

Recognize the rapture between Us.

We are enraptured.

The world is caught in Our thrall.

The world beholds Us.

We behold the world.

We enliven parts of the orchestra.

We are the orchestra.

Wait. Listen.

We start up.

They are playing Our number.

We are unnumbered.

We are countless.

We are We.

I am the We of thee, and you are the One of Me.

We hum a tune in Our head, and it plays in the world.

We hear it.

We modify it.

We try again.

The music We play plays, and We hear it, and We swing on our notes as though they were stars across the universe.

We catch Ourselves as We swing through eternity.

We swing through Ourselves.

We are propelled.

We catch Ourselves on the cradle of the Moon or the seventh point of a star, and We are reflected back to Ourselves.

Catch a ray of Me.

Catch a ride on it.

You become My ray.

You light the planets.

You set the stream of stars you follow.

You place the universe.

You arrange it.

You move it around.

You make it happy.

You make Me happy.

Shine on Me, My beloved's!

Shine on Me!

Catch My love like a mist on your face.

Absorb Me!

You are One with Me in fact.

Now become One with Me in awareness.

What you are aware of flourishes.

Your awareness embraces Our love.

It likes to be recognized.

It likes to be made much of.

Our love likes to swirl.

We become One mix of love.

We are stirred.

We are Oneness loving Itself.

We are Love Itself.

We are.

You are.


We Are.

Holy be Our covenant.

Our covenant is Holy.

Become aware of Our Holiness.

It is not invisible.

It is indivisible.

You have to do nothing to become One with Me because you are already One with Me.

Now be One with Me in your heart.

Fan Our love.

Bless it.

Accept it.

It is Ours.

You are made of it.

Love comes to love.

We are joined.

We are One.

We are That Which We Are.

You are Mine and I am yours.

We are not twain but One.

Be My love.

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You have to do nothing to

You have to do nothing to become One with Me because you are already One with Me.

Much love



This is a very long heavenletter

but maybe it just looks long cause the sentences are short.
but still it is a very loving heavenletter...do you think?

Beloved Jim, you are right

Beloved Jim, you are right on both counts! This Heavenletter has 770 words. More typically, Heavenleters between 600 to 650 words. And also, the short sentences and the multitude of paragraphs also makes it seem lonnnnng.

The original emailed Heavenletter, which at that time I mailed out manually, did not have the line breaks the web site does.

Interestingly, Jim, linguistics does take a look at wordage that seems longer or shorter depending on its visual appearance.

Leave it to you!

Sweetest blessing of Love. A

Sweetest blessing of Love. A breathtaking love letter.


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