Through Whose Eyes?

God said:

When you know how powerful you are, you will know how powerful your thoughts and words are. Therefore, demean no one, not yourself, not anyone.

It seems elementary to say, Be kind, and yet it has to be said. Be kind. Be kind to yourself as well. Be kind with what you say to yourself. Talk to yourself the way I talk to you with love unbounded. You will never hear Me say: "You idiot, what did you do that for?" Not even in jest will I. Yet you have been known to say or think that to yourself, and you, beloved, are a child of God! How can you speak to a child of Mine in that manner?

Watch your tone of voice as well, when you speak to yourself and others. Why would the voice of a child of God be irritable? Or angry? Or tense? Why would a child of God be out of sorts?

You cannot undo being a child of God. That is irreparable. Think of it — you are a child of God. Holy wonders, you are a child of God. Don't be modest. This is not something to be modest about. Halelujah, you are a child of God.

Honor all the children of God. Honor yourself. You are as equally My child as anyone else in the universe that is or has ever been. Not one of My children is less than I say. Only in their own eyes are they. Only in your eyes are you. Certainly not in Mine. My eyesight penetrates through any sham you put up.

If you have seen yourself as less than My child, you have perpetrated a sham. It's a fake identity you have set up for yourself. It is fake. I know what is true, and unworthiness to be My child is false.

It is not conceit to know that you are worthy. It is arrogance to think that you are not. I do not create unworthy. Will you concede that I created you? I created perfection, and I gave you the world to rule. My faith in you is great. I have not lost My faith in you. Whatever exists in the world, you have My faith. You say that often you are imperfect. You never feel holy. Furthermore, you have read about a few holy people, but you have never met one. In fact, you say you have met some very unholy people and you have read about many more in the press.

This goes to show the lengths My children will go to deny their heritage. They will sunder and hurt hearts and destroy rather than admit their holiness. They will declare their unholiness. They will stand on their head to prove their unholiness. They will murder, slander, steal etc. They will do anything to prove it, to themselves, to you, perhaps they are trying to prove it to Me. Well, you may have proved unholiness to yourself and each other, but you have not proved it to Me, beloveds. My position is firm. My eyesight is good.

Become worthy in your own eyes. What does it take? Remember you are My beautiful beloved child. You will never be perfect in the world's eyes. Whose eyes have you been seeing through? Accept, accept. You are a holy child of God. You are My child. This cannot be undone. From this moment forth, accept that you are truly what I say.