Forgive the World

God said:

When someone isn't as nice to you as you would have them be, then this is an opportunity for you to be kinder than they. Their words, their attitude may assault you. This is where it is incumbent upon you to give what they didn't.

If you cannot return their seeming ill-will with goodwill at the moment, then later, in the privacy of your heart, send them goodwill belatedly. You are not asking anything of them; you are asking of yourself. You are asking yourself to return to a place of peace. You are asking for your sense of love to be restored. Someone's speech or action took you aback. Your sense of well-being wobbled for a while, and now you lift your head, not in retaliation, but in what serves you and the universe best.

Isn't it uncanny how someone's rudeness or cruelty can spoil your day? Retake your own power. It is unfortunate that someone may see you in poor light. It is their misfortune, beloveds. The discomfort you attach to their words or actions is theirs. It belongs to them. Do not appropriate it. Take only what is yours.

Now displace angry thoughts with thoughts a tier higher.

You are more than a responder in the world. You are an initiator. Sooner or later, one way or another, you must initiate goodwill in your heart and let your hard feelings go. Not because you are to be good, but because it is the only thing to do. Rising above an affront does not mean you are being a fool. It means you are being wise. It does not make you weak to rise above. It makes you strong. There is nothing you need to show someone else. There is much you need to show to yourself.

Beloved, you are not going to succeed with everyone in the eyes of the world. Maybe in the eyes of the world, you are supposed to match unkindness with unkindness. But I want you to get ahead in life, not ahead of someone.

Do not feel that you are giving ground by rising above. You are holding your ground, beloveds. You are not letting someone else's ineptness encroach on your heart.

If your temper flared in the heat of the moment, later it subsides. Did it have to flare in the first place? Do you have to feel bad now? Who says you do? Who says that, if someone makes an error, that you must too? When someone's thoughts are ugly, yours must not be.

Associate with those who uplift you. Why do otherwise? If you are in a situation where you cannot remove yourself, raise your thoughts and the situation will change. It may not be soon enough to your taste, but consider that by your thought, the situation is already changed.

Do not think that I am speaking to you of endurance. I am speaking to you of changing a configuration. You change a configuration by adding another element or taking one away. Or turning something inside out. Or looking from another angle. Or standing in a higher place. Or desiring it.

Have you not sometimes desired a good fight?

Now desire good feeling. It will carry you far.

Forgive the despots. Forgive the ignorant. Forgive those who are unhappy. Forgive them their troubles. Forgive all those who are not always right. Forgive yourself for taking offense when you could have given understanding. Forgive those who think the world is centered around them and overlook you. Forgive the world for its dishonor. Forgive the world for its trespasses. Forgive the world for being the world, and turn your eyes toward Mine.