This One Simple Advice May Change Your Whole Life

God said:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Fault is too.

You don't like to believe this because there is validity in the fault you see. Of course, there is, yet you are the one who has seen it and thought about it.

Beloveds, let sleeping dogs lie. Let life be what it is. You are not meant to be the editor of the Universe.

If you want to improve life in the world as it is, then, without question, find that which you like. This has been said so often, and is such a simple thought that you may pass right by it.

The most valuable thing you can do today is to find something you like about something.

When you are in a good mood, this is easy to do. When you are not in a good mood, this is harder to do.

But look around you, beloveds. A bird sings every day. A bird never says: "I don't feel like singing today." A bird sings because that is what birds do.

A human being has a choice, to find joy or to find fault.

The question posed to you isn't: "What do you feel like doing today, or what do you feel like saying today?"

It is the same as when you go to work. Mostly you are not in the position of asking: "What do I want to do today?" Most likely you have to ask: "What needs to be done today? What is important that I do today?" You may not feel like adding up numbers, but that may be what has to be done.

In your life, what is optimum for you to do today? Every single day of your life, regardless of the weather, regardless of where you are, it is for you to note something you like. Even if the weather is cold and blustery.

When there is someone you see fault in, then look for something in the person that you don't see fault in. There may be ten things you don't like about the person, but will you, as a favor to me, find one thing you could like? If he is a nit-picker, perhaps like you, he may not care about what you care about, but he cares about something.

And now we come to you, beloved. If you are a nit-picker with yourself, find something about yourself that you like. Turn yourself from a nit-picker into a good-natured person easy to please yourself. Perhaps the best thing you can be today is be a person who is amicable.

Perhaps you can find as many good reasons to be pleased as you used to find to be displeased.

What if a person you are dealing with now rubs you so much the wrong way that you can't, try as you may, draw a clear breath in his presence. There is not one single thing you can think of that pleases you. I will tell you what to do then. This one simple advice may change your whole life. Here is what I suggest when you are stymied and someone simply cannot please you. Here's what you do:

Think of something you can do to please the person. Can you get him a cup of coffee? Give him a stick of gum? Ask him to tell you what you can do for him? Ask him about his daughter or his dog? What would be the cost to you, beloved? What might be the reward to the person?

No matter how trying a situation with someone may be for you, you have the power within you to ease it. If you cannot ease it for yourself, then see what you can do to ease it for the other person.

Isn't it strange that I would have to ask this of you when all are your brothers and sisters, and you, theirs?

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love and peace

dear God heavenley father,
thank you of your advice in our life,
yes you always welcom in our hearth to changes in our life,
everyday your messeges am reading am more learn of the holly life,
thank you God of your wondeful masseges,
love and peace

A thousand blessings to you,

A thousand blessings to you, Carmen!

The last part of this

The last part of this Heavenletter really strikes a chord, thinking of what happened on the way to work today. I was in my car at a junction, waiting to filter into the main road, and lo and behold this guy in the car behind me pulls over to my left and tries to get into the line ahead of me. Now, I get very irritated and indignant when people cut me off in traffic. So I pushed my car even further ahead of his, and in so doing blocked his path so there was no way he would get into the road before I did. That would teach him.

As we both waited for the cars ahead to move on, the thought came to me, “Why not do something different? And just let him through?” After a few seconds debate back and forth, I decided. Some space freed up, and I stopped and waved for him to get in ahead of me. And what did the other driver do? His face lit up, he smiled, nodded, waved, and blew me a kiss! That kind of thing never happens in the warzone that is my daily commute. I couldn’t help smiling and laughing too – a great start to the day.

Doots, I blow you a kiss,

Doots, I blow you a kiss, too, for telling us this marvelous story. Hugs, too!

Making IT happen

Dearest Doots,

This vignette is demonstrative of what is occurring in mankind's heart...inclusion...expansiveness...ONENESS.

Thank you, Doots, for taking the time to share this interaction.




Today's message in this HeavenLetter is worth stopping for and giving it a try. I shall today
see what I can do to make some impossible seeming person, or situation with him or her
less impossible, and so then make the effort to do that person a favor, whether it be that I ask how his/her chldren are, or I ask him/her: "May I get you a cup of coffee, or tea?" or
I shall light a candle in the morning and think of him or her in a new light, from a more agreeable
point of view. It's the least I can do, since you lovingly suggest such a way of seeing a
situation "anew".


Mary Moon, that is brilliant

Mary Moon, that is brilliant to think of lighting a candle. I am going to do that right now. Of course, in so doing, I will be bringing peace to myself. Thank you.

Mary, I am going to write tomorrow's blog entry about your suggestion. Please come to tomorrow. The title will have your name in it.

How do you DO?

This excelent Heaveletter isn't how to do anything. Like the others, it's about BEING. So Listen



Hello to all, dearest new and old friends. Always near to you, in the wonder of Heavenletters and its own readers.
Many blessings

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said to ease it
For this may change your whole life
Find that which you like

Love, Light and Aloha!

Dear Jim S., please remember

Dear Jim S., please remember that the purpose of this site is to raise the consciousness of the world. To do this, it seems we have to let go of old thinking. Why do you come here, dear one?