There Is Vastness

God said:

If you could let go of the little things that stick in your heart, how blessed the world would be. I am speaking of the little peeves, the little events that capture you. Perhaps someone snubbed you, looked at you in a way you didn't like, didn't hear you, didn't talk to you, talked too much, and so on.

Perhaps some people simply irritate you. You don't like certain mannerisms of theirs, or you may not even know why they irritate you, and still your irritation digs at your heart. You may not even know someone, and you feel rankled. You try not to let this show, and yet you look darkly on some people because of this or that. You acknowledge that they haven't done anything to you, and yet you feel cross because of their very existence across the table from you or just their passing by on the street, and then there are the niggling thoughts of them afterward that you cannot seem to get out of your system.

It can perhaps be said that there is a mass of little things that get your goat.

This is perhaps judgment at its worst, beloveds. You find someone guilty of annoying you, and so you are annoyed, and so you feel guilty about being irritated. Maybe you weren't in a good mood to start with. Maybe it is all you, beloveds.

Whatever the perceived defect in the person, there is a shade of it within you. It may be the opposite within you, and yet the opposite is the other end of the same stick. Perhaps bossy people irritate you. Perhaps you yourself are bossy, or perhaps you see yourself as too unassertive. Judgment, conclusions, interpretations of the little things, like the splinter, are all always in your eyes, beloveds.

Now I would say, rather than analyzing what is the matter with another person and what is the matter with you, that you simply step out of your irritated mode. Just step out of it. Who cares why you are annoyed? Well, of course, you care, and yet you must care not at all. You are not meant to be the King or Queen of Irritation.

Dear Ones, you are not more perfect than anyone else. Others' imperfection is your imperfection in that your irritation is roused by it. Their skin may be breaking out, and your skin may be clear, yet their skin is matching something within you, or why would you be bothered by another's complexion?

The word annoyance refers to a little matter. When a big matter comes to your attention, you feel more than annoyance. You feel grief or outrage, but not insignificant annoyance.

Living with annoyance is no way for you to live. It is possible that you feel annoyed as often as you do because you would rather be annoyed than to look at the larger issues that assail you.

You can be someone who rises above the little imperfections of life. You can rise above the larger issues as well. I don't say to discount them. I say to rise above. When you see from a higher place, you get a better view. It is a better view because you can see more. You get the whole picture, and not so much the details that, when all is said and done, are irrelevant. And even the crevasses, you don't take them personally. They are there, yet you know they are not there for you to get caught in, and so you are not entrapped.

Turn your vision to Vastness, beloveds. In Vastness, there is no imperfection. There is Vastness.

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Thank you God, just what I

Thank you God, just what I needed this morning :-) but then you knew that :-)

I've been wrestling with the

I've been wrestling with the theme of this Heavenletter for a while. Letting go of the petty and larger issues perceived in another and embracing vastness. Vastness always wins in this wrestling match, yet there are times when pettiness seems to be on top. Those times are heavy and challenging.

...there is a shade of it within you.

Accepting this is a step towards vastness.

When you see from a higher place, you get a better view.

The perceived issues big or small, judgment and the victim/culprit thinking are heavy. Stepping aware from these lead balls of awareness makes it easier to rise to a higher place.

Besides, there is a child of God waiting to be seen! Why focus attention on anything less?

I found a quick way of withdrawing from those heavy, entangled fields of judgment and contempt. I remember my bliss!

Dear Admin, you suggest so

Dear Admin,

you suggest so hight things! But realy this morning I was thinking about my situation in this moment. Then I read the new Letter from God and my confusion grown. See Vastness not always help to risolve the life problems, concrete problems. I can see Vastness, I can see the little things that haven't to cach the heart. Exactely when I think "I am in a fantastic place with all God protection, high in my heart" and so on, exactely when I can see Vastness it happens something strong that strikes me. Nobody wants help me because everyone I ask to has fear about the person who afflicts me, and for the law I can't do by myself. I can see vastness but I have to live always there, and I am here. Perhaps I'm not strong enough. this was my lesson but really, after all these years, without judgement without fear with peace in my heart, I don't understand what lesson it is. It could be that something happens to us for another affair out of our own life? It could be the only answer.

It could be the only

It could be the only answer.

Well, I know it isn't so. I chose, what cabbage I chose?, I want go profound of that, I will rise about that. In some way I will rise.

You will.

You will.

How Wonderful :)

Simply perfect in what it says, and how and when it says it ! ...Thanks God and Gloria...michael

Being is all there is

Being is all there is really.The world has been created from the mind, and the creation is too complicated and hard to identify with from the presence of Being. The creation is an illusion, and we are only identifying with it from the state of separation. When Being connected to greater wisdom, we can identify from the presence of Being. Identifying with real Reality...I believe ¤

Love and Light and Consciousness I believe...Hege :)

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said clear the shade
Turn your vision to Vastness
You can see better

Love, Light and Aloha!