The Portal of Love

God said:

There is nothing mysterious about love. You love being in love so much because it is so familiar, so enlivening, so commemorative of the love you are and were born to express. Love is your natural state. Nothing else is.

In the world you worry about keeping the love in your heart, that it will remain, that the object of your love will remain, that you will always feel the same. That which is outside you does not create love. Physical beauty may well attract you. What you feel may only be skin-deep, or it may be heart-deep. But, just think, if how something looks can endear you so grandly, if it can open your heart if even only for a little while, what will the realized state of Oneness do for you? Beloveds, your heart will be ajar, wide open, unclosable. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than to live in a permanent state of love?

It is not really that love becomes unconditional. It becomes that there are no conditions that have the strength to thwart love. Great love lies within in you, where it has always lain. It does not lie in what appears outside you. Any love you see, it is your love you are seeing. Any love you hear, it is your love you are hearing. Any love you feel, it is your own love you feel. And you are the awakener of it.

Heretofore, your love perhaps has been like a lion waiting for prey to pounce on. Dormant, your love has been waiting for someone or something outside to poke your heart awake. You have been waiting for someone to turn on a switch that allows the love in your heart to come out. Sometimes a little love squeaks through conditioned by the outside. But, beloveds, the world will not invite all of the love in your heart to release itself. You are the one who must open the latch and untie the ropes that have tangled and strangled your heart.

You talk about enlightenment and wanting it. It is love you are talking about. A state of Oneness is love. Enlightenment is when your heart opens to Eternity and Universality. I must remind you that the love We speak of here is not an emotion. An emotion is far too little. An emotion gives you a sample, but it is not the love We speak of. The love We speak of is the platform you come from. It is love unimpassioned. It is love aware of itself. The portal of love you go through is yourself.

And yet the love you feel is Mine. It is not love theoretical, but it is love with a flame that does not burn itself out. It is love with a flame that shines equally on all. It is a flame of understanding. It is a flame that does not flicker. You, beloveds, are the holder of this flame. And you well know you do not hold it for itself or for yourself. You hold it for Me, and you hold it to ignite other hearts that are still waiting for love to appear. You light the way to My Heart so that others may follow you.

Where there is love alit, there is no darkness. In light, darkness does not show. Light is much more powerful than dark. You have thought otherwise.

You have thought that a little worm in an apple ruins the whole thing. You have thought than an impediment is an impediment. You have thought that obstacles are obstacles. But I ask you, What can a flash of darkness alter in the Light of God when you are looking at the Light and holding it?