Open Your Heart Now

God said:

You are in awe. You are in awe of My words. Whether you write My words or read them, you are in awe. Whether you write or whether you read, you benefit. Either way, My words write themselves in your heart. They are etched there. They are carved in your heart. They curve there. Whether you read My words or write them, you are establishing yourself in My consciousness. Am I not the God Consciousness you seek? My consciousness exists within you, and when you read My words or when you write them, you are resonating with what is within you. Either way, you come to the recognition. You cannot be taught it. Only recognition can enter, and no one can give it to you. I am not a course of science. I am God!

This is not belief We are speaking about. It is not a question of belief. Belief is nothing, beloveds. Believe anything you like, but realization is your awakening to the God Being you are. God Realization is not a belief you hold. It is Myself.

Your recognition of Me may simmer, or it may boil. In any case, it will rise in you and come to the surface. You have heard that the truth will out. Well, I am the Truth, and I will burst forth from you. There is no way you can keep Me in. I am contained within you, but you cannot harbor Me there. I will not be raked in. I refuse boundaries. You have free will, and so do I. I will to expand and be known throughout the world. I want to be known in every household. It is not fame that makes Me desire to be known. It is your knowingness I am after.

In that sense, there is nothing I claim for Myself, unless it is you. And why do I want you? For Our happiness. I want to complete Myself. Of course, I am already complete, but I yearn for your completeness. I want you to come to Me and know where you are.

It is like you are standing at the corner of Main and State Streets. You go up to someone and ask, Where is the corner of State and Main? He answers: "Why, right where you are." He points to the street signs. And then you feel foolish. The signs were there all the time. You didn't realize where you were, so you asked for directions. Until you understood you were already where you wanted to be, you didn't know. When you knew, the corner took on a whole new light. The same corner. New light.

And so you ask Me for directions. In My case, there are no street signs put up to give you an objective confirmation. Only your heart can weigh what I say and agree. Or We can say that what I say is a sign in the distance that you are almost close enough to almost read but not quite. You have to go closer. I keep nodding and saying that you are going in the right direction.

In fact, there is no direction that I am not in. You cannot miss. But you can resist. All your questions are resistance, and yet you, seeker of God that you are, you can't resist asking. Sometimes I do wonder why you question so much when you could accept rather than object. You want proof. Beloveds, who or what can confirm Me but you?

It is you who sees or does not see. Open your heart now, and see what you have not yet allowed yourself to see.

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For the love of God

Truly no waiting...for the Love of God...and so sweet.

Jim, where have you been,

Jim, where have you been, been, been! Nice to see you back!

Hi Gloria and beloved friends. nice to get reacquainted with you Gloria. I am still in Sedona Az. Life is sublime...thank you to God for that and everything else! I am just so so grateful for God and for Heavenletters and for you... their grace-filled and loving too speak...All is so well and so right with my perrsonal life. Although It seems that outer particlars of this life are graduallly paling compared to the inner Heart where God to speak. I am indeed in awe of Heavenletters that have not only been the catalyst for change but indeed the words themselves are the loving presence of the Creator.. I am so so greatful!!!!! Much, much Love...Jim