portal of consciousness

The Portal of Love

God said:

There is nothing mysterious about love. You love being in love so much because it is so familiar, so enlivening, so commemorative of the love you are and were born to express. Love is your natural state. Nothing else is.

The Key to the Kingdom

God said:

Why do you believe so much in separation? Why do you believe there are those who are in and those who are out? Do you really think that I exclude anyone or evict them? Or that My son Christ would?

Christ was an embrace. He was a consciousness. Consider him a portal of consciousness. In the world, you pass through that portal in order to reach Me. Christ was not a separator. He did not make anyone jump through hoops. He accepted you. Like Me, he saw the Truth of you.

Enter Heaven Now

God said:

Consider portals as doorways that are always open. All of life is a portal. Portals await you. Every day you step through is a portal. You walk through portals.

All is portal. When all is portal, all is Oneness. There is no reason to count or assign signs. A portal doesn’t have to have its name in a brass plate. It doesn’t need knobs. It has openness. Anything but open portal is unnecessary.

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