The Light of the Sun and the Moon

God said:

The sun and moon are always there. Not always evident but always present.

What are they but energy? And what are you but the same? Energy is light. Whether the light is evident or not, it is light nevertheless. Light waves exist, and they are particles of you. They are all of you. You are light entire.

The world plays peek-a-boo with light. That is the world's game. What you see is only what you see. Because there is a blanket over something doesn't mean it's not there. It's not even really hidden because you know there is a blanket over something. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you know something is there beneath that which is visible.

Of course you can't, for fingers can't grasp the light, for on the surface, light is elusive. On the surface, light stays one step ahead of you. That must be so, for you are always chasing it.

You who are light — you who are My light — bask in it. Turn your face to the sun or moon in whatever direction you are in, and you will be facing light. The light you face will be the light shining from Me. Be it called the sun or the moon, such light is the same that emanates from you. Light begets light, and you radiate it.

Darkness is illusion. Light is Truth. But you have thought otherwise. You have been taught otherwise. You thought you had to find light. You thought the sun in you had to be lit. But the sun shines of its own accord, and so does the light within you.

You are all suns and moons on earth. You are transplanted light. You are like a seed that must grow anywhere. To trample that seed or obscure it is not comfortable. It is against the integrity of seed to be hampered. And so, when you experience discomfort, you have hidden your light from yourself. You have darkened your view.

But the light itself you can never darken. You cannot turn it off. You cannot delete it. You can't pause with it. The light you are is inevitable, because the light you are is My light. My light exalts, and it is exalted within you. Irrepressible is My light anywhere it is, and it is everywhere.

Often you are the last one to see your own light. But you have, nevertheless, had glimpses of it in the eyes of others. You have seen eyes light up when they see yours. They too may not have known the name of what they saw, but they saw it nevertheless, and they saw it in you.

Sometimes you have thought that the affirming light in others' eyes was not meant for you. You thought others saw amiss, or you thought they were perhaps smiling at something far in the distance from you. Of course, you thought that you were far away from light and that it could only be seen somewhere else. You didn't think it could be you. You thought perhaps others whose eyes lit up when they saw you were absorbed in their own light and were not responding to you at all. In any case, the selfsame light they might spy within themselves is the selfsame light they spy in you. When all is said and done, what is the difference between their light and yours? Only an imaginary direction.

We can say that heretofore, you have been a secret agent. But now you have a badge pinned on you, and you are secret no longer. The shiny badge reflects the heart beating under the tin.

Your heart beats time to the light of Heaven.