How to Open Hearts

God said:

Opinions are judgments. It is not your opinion that you are taller than someone. But it is your opinion that says taller is better or that shorter is. Whatever you consider better or worse, more or less, is your opinion. Even if the world agrees with you, it is still opinion. From what you see before you and from what you have seen in the past, you surmise one thing or another as first and another as second or last. It is one thing to know that you are making a judgment and another when you don't know. But neither way is exactly humble.

I know you do the best you can. I know you are always trying to do what's good and what's right, and I know you would like to eschew judgment. I know you would like to arise with an open mind and an open heart.

Even when you accept the idea that opinion is judgment, you still have to distinguish between opinion and preference. Notice your tone of voice when you say you prefer one thing to another. Notice the shape of your nose. And you may see that you have stated opinion in the same breath you stated preference.

My children, you do not want to be the opinionator of the world.

Giving opinions is a kind of attachment. It may be a variable attachment, even a faulty one, but it is attachment nevertheless.

In truth, at any one moment, you do not know what is better or worse. You may know what it seems to you, but what seems to you is not always fact. Nor do facts always reveal truth.

For you to be a revealer of truth, you may have to stay away from opinions. Opinions are not really worth much. They're like hair styles.

Or it may be that your opinions come, and they are there, and you have them, but now you are able to keep them to yourself. What change will this make in your life. What openness will it clear the way for? Maybe you will hear your own opinions better this way when you are silent about them.

The adage that cleanliness is next to Godliness is opinion, for unkemptness may also be next to Godliness. Anything can be next to Godliness. Poverty can be next to Godliness. Wealth can be. Whatever is next to Godliness is next to Godliness. There is no limit.

And so We come to the crux of it. Opinions are limiting. And now seek to go beyond limits.

You know you are an unlimited being, and that applies to your thoughts as well. There is an unlimited supply of them. You will now be open and less attached to previous ones.

This is the same as telling you to open your heart, for the mind has signaled the heart to close in certain instances, to draw back. When you believe in inequality, you close your heart. When you believe in equality, your heart opens of itself. Diversity does not mean inequality.

Opinions most often say that only so much diversity is allowed. Opinions separate. Truth does not.

Inside every being that you may consider less — or greater — beats the same heart. I reside inside other hearts as well as yours. If you would know your own heart, then you must know others' hearts.

Discard no heart from your view.

Do not think that yours is better than any other, for that is sequestering your heart rather than opening it.

To be an opener of hearts, first you open your own.