How Far You Reach

God said:

Measurements of the world are only measurements. The measure of the heart, your heart, cannot be taken. It is immeasurable, for it is vast. Vastness cannot be measured. Infinity cannot be measured nor given numbers to be jotted down in a notebook. Vastness of infinity goes off any scale man makes. All scales are man-made.

By what tool can the measureless be measured? Where can the immeasurable be written? Where is the measureless kept? In what room can it fit? What can contain it? What can be without it?

There is no top to the thermometer of vastness. There is no peak to reach. There are no peaks to the vastness of infinity. There is no place where it drops off. It cannot be marked. Whatever name infinity goes by — love, truth, joy, God — this is the case.

Cream settles at the top of milk and can be skimmed off.

Not so with the infinity of vastness. Not so with the burgeoning of love. Not so with life. How do you measure that which permeates everything and cannot be separated?

Only the physical can be measured. You can note the beginning and the ending of the physical body but not the birth of the spirit nor the leaving of the spirit, for it never leaves. It is the body that arrives or leaves. And so you continue to believe in death. Death is only a material notation whereas life of the spirit is not notational. The spirit has only life. There is no nonexistence of spirit.

We can say that the heart measures the immeasurable. Your heart is the best indicator of truth, yet truth is also immeasurable. You can only measure truth from where you are. Only at points in space and time can anything be measured. Trying to measure the immeasurable is asking what are the limits to that which is limitless. It poses an inaccurate question which cannot be answered.

What are standards but measurements?

Miles per hour can be metered, but the speed of soul is beyond metership.

How simple is life and all its appurtenances when you look at measurement this way!

When you access and take measurements, you can only choose from the lines on a scale or a yardstick. It takes the physical to measure, and all it can measure is itself. There is no measuring tape for the measureless.

You try to ascertain the beginning and end of things, and yet you can never say with authority where something has come from or where it goes.

All that you can ever measure is illusion. Yet you consider the immeasurable illusory!

The heart is good at sensing illusion. We can say the heart is the balancing scale of illusion. The heart's rating is not always accepted nor authorized by the world at large, but I authorize it.

The heart is a sensor rather than a scale. We can say I attuned your heart. I set it to Mine. Your heart keeps pace with Mine. It runs beside it. Remember the heart I speak of is not emotion. Emotion is finite. The heart is not.

There are many dimensions, and yet where you reside is dimensionless, and you are dimensionless.

Statements cannot be wholly true, for they are made in the measurement of words, and Truth is beyond measurement, beyond description, beyond mapping, beyond fragmenting, beyond identification, beyond words.

That which is worth grasping, your hands cannot hold.

Judgments are measurements and always false. False because they are only part of the picture. They skim the surface. They leave out too much.

And you are beyond surface. You run deep, and you eclipse the earth and the skies and you reach the immeasurable Heavens. You are reaching now.