The Grace of Love

God said:

Beloved, someday life will be simpler when you speak more from the depth and height of the speech when you Godwrite without the necessity of the touchstone of surface speech. Speech, as it is known on Earth, is made of many gradations. Let's have simple uncluttered speech deeper than the way the world tosses off speech.

Speech in the world is like trying to describe a color. A color is this shade without so many of these overtones and that undertone. There is a name for this color, yet many tries at it may occur before you can locate the color's name. There is no God Dictionary wherein a word is exactly what it means to say. How am I, even God, able to describe how beautiful your eyes look like to Me?

With words, we are like sculptors. Our fingers can tell to the touch, yet comparisons are rife. How high is high? How soft is soft? How tall can ivy climb? What is meant by yay big? How tall is the sky? What does this mean and that mean? In a paint store, there may be a number that enacts an exact color and tone, yet a number isn’t the same as a name.

Names fly in and out of hearts. Prisoners may be called numbers. Names and numbers just aren’t the same. A number may be precise yet doesn't compare to “Beloved.”

In the grandest garden, there is still weeding to be done. Weeding is precision-based. You love your garden, and you wish to give your garden all the goodness it deserves, yet your knees are sore from kneeling. There is upkeep. You may have to sweep the steps.

Nature itself removes the leaves from trees for you. Eventually, even snow will melt mostly. Meanwhile, you may have to shovel or tamp the snow.

What is this idea of work? To an artist, his work is play. The same can be said for a composer. What is this dividing line between work and play and red and pink? How essential is it for man to speak and express that for which he has no words and yet go so deep.

Life wants to be expressed. Man everywhere wants to express. As man must breathe, so must man express what he is not quite sure he is trying to express until he does express it. Man wants to speak as I, God, do speak:

“I am here. Hear Me.”

Everyone wants to express and to be heard.

What is the expression of love from a young child as he plucks a dandelion to give to his mother? The child doesn’t encompass what he is expressing. He just knows it is his to express. What does holding hands express? Holding hands is such a simple gesture, yet a gesture that goes beyond words and that says more of Oneness than there are words for.

A young child, referring to love, spreads his arms wide and asks: "How big do I love you?" and answers: “Soooo big.”

Yes, even weeding in the Garden of Eden expresses more than you can say. All of life craves to be expressed and exalted before Me and everyone. It is as if you must stand up and shout. What are cheers after all? You must be heard, and so there is writing and singing and rhymes and reverence for life and no end to it.

It’s okay. Go ahead, breathe in the Grace of Love.