God said:

Beloved, kindly turn the tide of your attention to what gives you joy and also gives joy to the world. Keep in mind what gives you joy. Pull the shades up this morning. Lift up the world. Arise.

All the wrongs in the world are for you to let go of. All of them. The sun rises, and so do you. What is that old song about what is the use of worrying and keeping that old kit bag? Today is the day to let go of the past. No kit bags for you, for there is no use in carrying them whatsoever. Be a good news bear!

Every day the sun rises. Rise with the sun. Something glorious is going on in the world. And just so are you to rise. Have a clarion call for joy.

Pan for the gold! Raise your head and arise. The sun does shine. Call the sun to shine on all.

Better than tossing out your troubles, become a juggler of joy. What would give you joy today? Toss it up right now. Off with the old, and on with the new. What is precious for you or precious for anyone else, bring it on. You have some say in your day. Call today to you. Raise your sights. Hallelujah! There is a treasure for you today.

At the least, polish your new belt buckle. Sweep the porch. Water the flowers. Sprinkle attention on the world as you desire. Contemplate joy. Make joy. Right now is the perfect time.

There is great value in not holding over yesterday. Whereas yesterday may have held lightning and thunder, now the sun is shining. Note this. Today is a new day. Yesterday is over. If you didn’t enjoy yesterday, then let it go. Do you desire to relive yesterday? If you must rehash something, while you are at it, rehash joy. Today your life is new. Get on with the new. Certainly, don’t go along with the past. Welcome the new. Get life into high gear. Open your heart day by day.

Be a hero today. What else are you to be? If you are looking for sense today, kindly bless the world with love today. Be on the threshold of love today and not harbor yesterday.

This is a new day. Start over. Rise to the occasion. Count your lucky stars.

Get in the habit of joy. Look for joy. Restore joy. Turn it over. Find joy where it lies. Claim joy for all. If you want to change your life, make some changes. Change your circumstances. Announce yourself differently.

Listen to birds. Sing sweet songs yourself. If yesterday happened to be a hard day, change your mind today. Hold on to holy days and leave the other days behind you. Let go of the idea that days are piled up against you. Come to new conclusions, for you are to be My sunshine. Be My sunshine.

Beloved, make the sun shine. Change something relative to your life. Make life easier. Why not?

Beloved, you have the beautiful possibility of changing your life.

Do you remember how often olden novels used to have a beautiful photograph or illustration in front that was called a frontispiece? Do you remember those? The frontispiece was always illustrative and admirable on glossy paper. A frontispiece would give the artist’s name as well.

Start finding or sketching lovely frontispieces for about seven days’ worth for an upcoming novel of your life. Come to think of it, weren’t there also – am I mistaken? – afterpieces as well?

Do yourself proud. Yes, make frontispiece sketches for your new life and an afterpiece or two as well.