Does Over the Rainbow Exist Anywhere Near?

God said:

Beloved, by and large, it appears that everyone sees life somewhat differently, and everyone, of course, sees how he sees as correct.

When you feel cold, you are confident that it is chilly. By the same token, when sweat is running off your brow, you are certain it is hot indeed. When someone’s take on the temperature is different from yours, then the other's view must be an aberration.

When, as a young child, you had a nice kindergarten teacher, she must have been nice because she was always happy to see you.

When you had a teacher who frowned when she saw you, she must have been mean.

How many points of view are there in the world to see life from that you can accommodate?

At the same time, probably everyone has been mistaken at a given moment, and in your opinion would have been wise to see the way you see because your view could only have been right. Why is it that you have to be right even when you are not infallible? Can it not also be okay for you to be free to be mistaken?

How many good people choose an ideal mate to marry, and how many dreams are dashed? It is said that Humpty-Dumpty could not be put together again. Who is Humpty-Dumpty, and whose reflection ever remains clear in a broken mirror in any case? Who can say? Who can be sure, for there are differences between visions. Some of My children can handle cracked mirrors and seem to stay true. So many more would stay true if only they knew how.

Life in the world seems to be a matter of what time zone you apparently live in, no matter how many times I say time doesn't really exist, no matter how many times you are surprised and can’t get this idea through your dear head.

Can the secret to success in life be about adjusting to various time zones? Sometimes you do wonder what can the secret to success in life possibly be founded on.

Sometimes it may seem to you as if you have selective blindness. If you had life figured out, you might be twice as happy as you are now, for you haven’t yet quite caught on to the secret of happiness. What you may live is a disillusion that you settle half way into along the way.

Sometimes, success in life could be being able to bear disillusion more than you can do now. Some people can do it, although this may seem beyond your reach.

What does indeed prevent you from full-scale happiness? What prevents you and your loved ones from growing old together with joy. Is this the situation you find yourself in?

Even so, there is marital stability that carries on for some that you wish you knew the secret to. Could it be their humility, or are they just lucky? Some can deal with disillusionment better than others. Yes, it certainly seems to you that it is your disillusionment in yourself that runs wild and is the hardest to take.

You get somewhere in terms of happiness – yet not far enough. You don’t want to admit this. You had dreamed you would top the hill of happiness, and then, now, here you are stranded betwixt and between.

Does over the rainbow exist for you anywhere near?


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